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Bali, the Island of the Gods

Temple buildings reflected in the surface of a still lake

I am on the road this week plus a few days of next week. Not the literal road, but the figurative, I'm-on-the-move kind. As you read this, I am on my way to Basel, Switzerland to embark on a river cruise with AmaWaterways. I have written about river cruising here, here, and this one a little older, if you would like a refresher. By the way, that river cruise on the Nile is still calling my name!

I am writing this earlier in the week than usual, since I'll be otherwise occupied at my usual newsletter creation time-slot, because I don't want you be without your weekly distraction. I'll probably be adding irresistible, touristy photos of my trip to social media, so be sure to visit a couple of times. Until I return, be inspired by this multi-media compilation on beautiful, exotic Bali, also called the Island of the Gods.

Take your time and enjoy all the pieces. There is stunning video of wildlife, locals in daily life, waterfall and raging surf. Listen to both audio clips: one takes a deep-dive into the island's history to expose the origins of its culture and belief systems; the other explains the meaning of the ubiquitous leaf baskets of flowers with incense.

Foodies, there is much of interest for you; I have recommended a couple of books as well. Arts, crafts and architecture it's all there; sword-smiths, you will be fascinated by the brief video near the middle of the page.

While I am slightly chilled in Europe's fall, enjoy the warm smiles of the locals who live on the Island of the Gods.

'til next week.


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