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Meet Juliet 

designer of immersive travel experiences

Head shot of agency owner

Juliet Weller - Chief Globetrotter

Travel was not a big part of my childhood, until suddenly, it was.


Growing up on a Caribbean island, the only things I knew of other places were the beautiful scenes on calendars (I particularly remember the Matterhorn), and scenes in movies, picture books and my favorite - my grandfather’s collection of National Geographic Magazine.


I didn’t take my first airplane ride until the age of 17, on the day my family permanently left our island home of Jamaica for a new home – the U.S.A.


My first impression as we flew into the US for the first time, is a memory that is still imprinted on me: the sight of huge multi-lane highways, arrow-straight then gracefully arched and woven at their interchanges, and cars like ants zipping by under me.


No beautiful scenery, or mesmerizing sunset, but I remember feeling my eyes grow bigger in their orbits and my jaw drop, mouth agape.  “Wow!” I thought, excited and afraid.  “America!”


Decades later, I have had hundreds of travel experiences from all over the world…some as life changing as that first journey. The excitement of standing in a long-dreamed of location or staring in disbelief at some real wonder before me, where the awe-inspiring overwhelm takes my breath away…that excitement never goes away and fuels my passion for travel.


My experiences inspired me to help other travelers find the same awe and wonder on their vacations. My clients want to be immersed in the fascination of their destinations, to cultivate a life of adventure, and to enjoy the world’s life-enriching experiences for themselves. Just reading about the world in books, seeing beautiful places on a screen, or hearing stories about their friends’ travel isn’t enough.


My philosophy, and my promise to you: to nurture close ties with you, and to collaborate with you to design opportunities where you’ll experience your lifelong dreams turned into reality.  With each journey I craft, you'll make unforgettable memories with those you most care about and return from your trip exhilarated and refreshed. Global Exotic Adventures exists to create opportunities for you to experience fun, freedom and wonder.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities?  Click HERE to use my planning guide; make sure you 'SUBMIT' and that way I'll get an idea of what you’re thinking.


If you’d like weekly ideas, tips, and all the up-to-date information that a savvy traveler needs, sign up for my e-zine using the button below.


I’m so looking forward to hearing from you.

Your fellow adventurer,


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