Meet Juliet

Juliet Weller - Chief Globetrotter

A native of Jamaica, I started my travels at the age of 17, when my parents moved the family to Houston, TX. Shortly thereafter I joined the US Navy and began to see the world. I've been lucky enough throughout my various and assorted careers, jobs, and businesses to have enjoyed them all; I can't say there was a job I hated (well, maybe there was that one), yet the best part of any of them was the opportunity to get the heck outta dodge, whether for work trip or for vacation time. In other words, it was a good thing I liked the job, but it was really a means to an end - money to travel (yes and pay rent, buy food, etc.; insert eye-roll here). The jobs I disliked the most were the ones with the least outward mobility. Even my massage therapy niche was as a mobile therapist! I guess that should have been a clue.

I crave travel.  A few years ago I joined a travel club - a world-wide group of people who LOVE to travel. That's when I realized that my "thing" is traveling, and sharing its possibilities and adventures with others.  Vacations that were curated by professionals elevated my travel experiences, and I realized that there are folks who have no idea what their vacation can be like. I decided I absolutely had to help them go beyond the mundane and take the vacation they might be dreaming of. My love of travel, vision for the big picture, skill with details and planning, and joy for people are perfect for doing this.

That became my mission and my dream, and I'm making it come true by helping you make dreams come true for yourself and your favorite people. Travel is not a luxury or a treat; it's a must-have, must-do, eye-opening, mind-expanding, fountain of pleasure, education, joy, wonder and beauty. 


My bags are packed; are yours?

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