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Europe is Getting Back to Business - It's River Cruise Time!

Updated: May 16, 2021

It’s time to plan for Europe again! The cities await; the rivers are flowing; cafés will soon welcome tourists to savor their delectables; and museums will fling open their doors to display their treasures.

What’s a great way to ‘catch up’ on as many European experiences as possible in one visit? A river cruise! If the idea of a cruise of any kind makes you wonder if Juliet has lost her marbles, don’t have me committed just yet. Would you believe there is a U.S.-based cruise line that operated successfully throughout Europe last year even while the pandemic was doing its thing? That’s a big deal because you can have peace of mind that their success during that time is a reflection of the health and safety procedures/precautions they instituted.

Why a river cruise?

A) In a single journey you experience multiple countries, capital cities and small old-world towns; historical ruins and architecture; florid gardens; castles and museums; vineyards and indulgent tastings.

B) You can maintain your active lifestyle as you cycle through Strasbourg, do yoga on deck, play golf on world-class courses in five countries, photograph castles on the Rhine, visit markets, explore canals in Amsterdam; take long walks or gentle hikes.

C) You can take your time. If active isn’t for you, then stroll Monet’s gardens; enjoy the countryside (or landing beaches) of Normandy, or explore Richard the Lionheart’s dungeons.

D) The food and wine of Bordeaux, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona and so many more; and

E) No sea sickness!!

Your sailing includes enriching experiences, exquisite cuisine and flavors from local markets, elegant accommodations, a daily variety of excursions, tours, and activities, exercise classes and so much more as you sail through the heart of Europe.

Here are some sample itineraries, just six of 29 possible trips offered by AmaWaterways, which we will customize with the experiences you desire, and days pre- or post-cruise that let you maximize your time “over there.”

DANUBE: Budapest to Vilshofen (Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany); Blue Danube Discovery (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia); Southeast Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania)

VARIOUS WATERWAYS: Tulip Time: Netherlands and Belgium

These itineraries are from a single river cruise line, one that has been voted the “Best River Cruise Line” eight times. I work with many river cruise lines, and as with ocean cruise lines, it’s important to pair you with the line that’s right for you: the right ambiance, demographic, service level, food, itinerary, accommodations and budget. The focus this week is on Europe because those countries will be welcoming U.S. tourists soon. However, river cruises also sail the U.S., Southeast Asia, southern African countries (they’re like a wildlife safari by river), Egypt, Russia, and China.

Whether you have sailed the world’s magnificent rivers or not, working with a Virtuoso advisor means you’ll reap exclusive VIP access to private shore excursions, and on-board credits on select itineraries, a memorable experience, and a perhaps a new love and depth of appreciation for Europe you never knew you had, because you saw it one river at a time. Book now for 2021 and 2022 sailings.

'til next week.


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