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Baby Steps When the Time is Right

Well, another week, another notch on the wall. At my house, we clink glasses or coffee mugs to celebrate (daily, if we remember; but definitely weekly, every Sunday morning) the crowning achievement of remaining healthy. Said achievement comes only by grace mind you, and we are happy for the blessing.

I hope that you too are safe and well, but staying well is only fraction of the 'to do' list isn't it? I don't know anyone whose family and work life, business, income, budget, routine, and vacation plans have not been disrupted. Experiencing one major change can be difficult, but everything at once? The struggle is real. My heart goes out to my clients whose well-planned travels have been postponed or cancelled. My own plans went by the wayside too. However, for those who have lost a loved one, this pales in comparison; for those that are alone and lonely, in financial crisis, and heartbroken, you have my sympathy.

Say, though, have you heard? There are the beginnings of whisperings and hints that maybe off in the future sometime perhaps there could be freedom lurking ahead. Now mind you, cabin-fever aside, I am not in a rush to put myself nor anyone else in a bad place. Impatience is not going to benefit us, and I'd prefer our release from captivity/safety/call it what you will, be dictated not by the calendar, but by sound judgment. So let's just say for the sake of argument that we're able to step out of our cocoons and move about a bit. Where could we go? I gave you some ideas here a few weeks ago, but we can keep exploring until we find the right escape for you. So let's put on our face masks, tip-toe out the door and see what's out there.

The National Parks - I talk about the National Parks System a lot, don't I? Why? The parks are awesome AND they make great staycations! Whatever state you live in there is something to see, do, and build a vacation around. Yes, in EVERY state, even tiny Delaware (finally). Several federal agencies have nationally designated sites, so there are not just parks; there are national monuments, historic sites, historic parks, and national preserves. But wait...there's more: national battlefields, national reserves, national seashores, lakeshores, rivers, parkways, trails and memorials. You have no excuses.

However, just because you take a staycation, or even if it's not, doesn't mean you should leave the trip to chance. Don't roll like that. Even a road trip should be properly planned, excursions and tours reserved, and your peace-of-mind included in that part of the trip labelled 'relaxation'. Your vacation should never be 'ordinary'. Seeing the NP's by private jet, for example - definitely not ordinary. As simple and as "easy" as a U.S. vacation may appear to be, planning is essential to its success, and top-rated travel providers exist to specifically meet your needs and wants. Once you and I get the details planned, all it takes is my call to them to ensure that your much-needed hassle-free staycay/vacay is just the way you want it.

For example, how about a houseboat on a tranquil lake in a beautifully unforgettable location? If the foodie in you loves cajun cooking, and the opportunity for a personal marsh-to-table experience beckons, then Louisiana it is. Or choose Utah; I've traversed Lake Powell by ferry and imagined myself living there on a houseboat. Serene, warm, no humidity (yay!)...a great place for a quiet, relaxing vacation. Fishing, swimming, motoring across the lake; exploring the coves and breathtaking canyons. I might come with you.

If travel has to be taken in small steps, we can do that. Your safety and comfort level are key. After being cooped up at home, you're wondering how to be somewhere, anywhere else, but still not be too 'out there' with crowds, or strangers, or germs you've never met. Enter, the private villa experience - a beautiful five-star, boutique residence, with a breathtaking panorama, and definitely a change of scenery from your own four walls. You can select a deluxe villa in your home state or in another; the villas are all booked through vetted and preferred providers so there's no guessing game and no unpleasant surprises. You don't have to cook, clean or do chores; you can disconnect, re-connect, de-stress, and enjoy. To take things up a notch, book a stay in a luxury resort.

The whisperings seem to be bringing the reality of the travel dreams closer. There's no need to rush out in to the unknown and throw caution the COVID-19 wind, but start thinking of where you want your first tip-toe out the front door to take you. Make a list and we'll explore the possibilities. Let me know if you'd like ideas on specific destinations or itineraries, and I'll share some with you.

'til next week


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