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Have You Considered These Travel Options?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Have you heard the list of measures you should take to prevent the spread of COVID-19? They include this: "avoid unnecessary travel". Say what?? First of all, the thought of 'unnecessary travel' is anathema to me. I'm not sure what that is. I have two overseas adventures coming up in the next two-and-a-half months, and I'm as eager as ever to embark on those voyages, and to do so safely and consciously. So, I get it. Really I do, especially for those who might be at high risk for a negative outcome, shall we say. I also understand self-quarantining for one's own safety, and others'. I understand the uncertainty you might feel when making travel decisions, and I really feel for you if your plans go upside down and you don't have anyone in the industry to help you navigate the choices, losses and 'what nexts'.

Just this week, someone said to me, "I bet you're telling everyone not travel." You know that the words "heck no" came out of my mouth as fast as I could say it. Of the 197 countries in the world, you can surely find one to visit. However, let's just say you want to be a little more conservative than usual - you want to (or need to) take a break, but would like to ensure you don't end up quarantined in some far-off land. Well, don't forget that the big ol' U.S. of A is a great place for a grand adventure, peaceful relaxation, and full-on touristy sightseeing. There are many choices: See the iconic sights: admit have probably avoided the iconic U.S. destinations because of the swarms of tourists, right? Well guess what - that little Eiffel Tower thing that's on your list...crowds. The Louvre...crowds. The Vatican...same. Mount Everest! Yep. The USA's most visited destinations await you: Washington, D.C.'s monuments and museums, the national parks, sun-drenched beaches, vibrant New York City, instagrammable San Fran, historic Philadelphia. Go for it. Maybe something more relaxing - a seaside villa, the Poconos, Adirondacks, or a New England bike tour. Do it differently. Have you taken a vacation by train? Imagine not doing the driving, and having access to a meal or snack without strategizing your highway pull-off. Food, bathroom, and nap breaks right there, no hassle. Another perk - the view isn't limited to whatever is visible from the highway, and you'll get to see the actual countryside. A luxury rail journey isn't the same as a commuter train ride - open-air cars, panoramic glass domes, gourmet meals, friendly service, complimentary snacks and beverages - you can discover North America in armchair comfort. And if you choose a vacation in wine country, I really don't want you driving anyway, so Napa Valley rail tour it is!

'Cruise' is not a dirty word. Riverboat and Great Lakes cruises often aren't on top of people's awareness as a vacation option, but If you're a dyed-in-the-wool cruiser, you don't have to give up shipboard pleasures for fear of being trapped in a seafaring limbo. Go domestic! You've seen the Mississippi River, but have you seen America from the river? Board a paddle wheeler for authentic southern cooking, New Orleans jazz, and antebellum stories brought to life; or explore the northwest roundtrip Vancouver/Portland in a new way. At least, new for you. Whether you're on a riverboat or Great Lakes cruise ship, the luxury staterooms, after-dinner dancing, captivating lectures and story-telling, excursions, and artfully prepared gourmet cuisine mean you won't even miss the ocean while you're on your world-class journey. If adventure is more your style, America is still the adventure capital. A custom trip that features top-to-bottom planning and curation totally tailored to your particular desires is yours for the asking. Simply tell me where you’d like to go, what you’d like to spend, and the activity level of the adventures you’d like to experience, and my vendor partners and I will do the rest, handling every detail of the travel and lodging arrangements, planning your outings, all the way down to finding you the best restaurants to eat at and the best guides to lead you through the adventures of a lifetime. Explore some of these options for your vacation with me. Now, more than ever in recent times, it's VERY important to work with a travel advisor to protect your vacation investment and to get through the "what should I do" moments. We're not just about the perks; we have the resources, options, supplier partners, and recommendations for planning, informing and safeguarding your travel. And do travel. 'til next week.


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