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Road Trip!!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Don't you just love a road trip? I prefer my road trips to have at least some degree of planning, rather than a willy-nilly meander through wherever. Two of my most memorable trips were: an exciting 12-day junket from Virginia, west to New Mexico, included Colorado, Arizona and Utah, then back to the East coast; and a three week camping trip from Seattle, east to Montana, north to Canada, back west to Vancouver Island, and returning to Seattle, hitting US and Canadian National parks along the way.

I have had many 'firsts' on my road trips: first bugling elk, first glimpse of a turquoise glacial lake, first volcanic caldera, first Navajo bread. One of those trips was solo and pre-cellphone, so my goal was to make sure I wasn't too far away from civilization, and my overnight stays were not à la Bates Motel. There were lots of details to consider in order to accomplish my goals for the trip...but that's my style.

What is your road trip flavor? RV/travel trailer? Take the whole family or just you and the dog? Two-wheel style with loaded panniers and the wind in your face? A campsite/minimalist experience? Theme based (best BBQ/natural parks/metal sculpture gardens)? Leaving the house on a whim and going wherever the least congested road takes you? Whatever your style, I'm betting you didn't know that travel advisors can help plan your road trip. You may wonder why we would "waste" our time with road trips when anyone can walk into a gas station and buy a map, or even download an app to figure out where to go. 

Truth is, you're not the only one that wants to explore the continent. Visitors come from all over the world to see the beauty of North America, and out of necessity they employ the services of travel advisors. As a result, we have the connections to lead you down the same interstate-avoiding path, while hitting all the sites that are important to you, and some you don't know about yet.

The other truth is that this isn't the only continent people want to explore. Have you ever thought of taking a road trip through the majestic Alps, or rugged Costa Rica? A southern Italian food and wine experience that you navigate yourself on your own schedule, skillfully arranged by your travel professional has SO many more memories and selfie opportunities than you can imagine.

Just as there are sources and partnerships that I access when I plan your multi-generational anniversary cruise through the Balkans, there are sources available for planning your road trip, even and especially when you wish to include back woods hiking adventures, the quaintest little-known B&Bs, and the diners with the best home-made pie. Your travel consultant knows how to make your trip safe and memorable, and help you get the most out of your time, gas money, and selfie stick.

'til next week.

The open road
Ensure a safe, successful trip - let your travel advisor handle the details.

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