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Which Hawaiian Island is Right for You?

As a follow-up to last week's article, I thought I'd give you some insight into choosing the perfect Hawaiian island for your vacation. During my training as Hawaii Destination Specialist, one of the things that stood out to me was how different the islands are, and that every island does not satisfy the desires of every traveler. Hence the importance of the conversation between advisor and client to determine what the client has in mind for their trip, how they want it to look and feel, the memories they want to come away with. Does it mean you shouldn't experience every island if that's what's on your mind. Not at all; it just means that working with your advisor is the best way to ensure that your expectations for your trip are met perfectly.

The Hawaiian Islands represent the quintessential tropical vacation. Home to swaying palm trees and swaying hula dancers, vibrant luaus, colorful tropical flowers and fragrant leis, lush forests and verdant mountains, thrilling surf rides, delicious plate lunches and spicy poke. For many, Hawaii represents a longed-for luxury vacation, the ultimate surfing adventure, or a dreamy romantic honeymoon destination. This article won't go into great detail on each island, that would be a book (or a course for Destination Specialist!), but I'll offer a couple of highlights to get you started.

The Islands


“Rejuvenating” is a word often used to describe Kauai and its immersive natural beauty. The raw energy of the soaring cliffs along the emerald Napali Coast. The expansive vistas of the Waimea Canyon. And the soothing ripples of the Wailua River winding through the forest. The northernmost and greenest of the visited Hawaiian Islands offers a secluded, unhurried place to put down your phone and forget about your worries. Breathe deep. Unwind. And rediscover a special connection to nature on this beautiful, tropical island.


This is where culture meets creativity for a tropical getaway. Where town and country, luxury and leisure, excitement and adventure can all be found in just the right proportion to suit you. Oahu is famous for iconic Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, and the surfing mecca on the North Shore, but there’s so much more to see and do. Explore the latest expressions of Hawaiian music, art, and culture. Tour the residences of Hawaiian royalty. Discover cuisines from myriad cultural influences, prepared with the freshest ingredients grown in pristine local environments. Or connect with nature in the lush island beauty that stretches from mountain to ocean.


Maui is where larger-than-life natural wonders meet small-town charm. This is the best of both worlds, offering a unique blend of sophistication and simplicity. Taste the fresh bounty produced year-round by the farms and lush gardens surrounding the quaint communities of Upcountry Maui. Wind down at Haleakala National Park and witness an epic sunset from the top of the world. Or simply lounge on the beach or poolside at a luxurious resort, from Kapalua to Wailea.


Natural and rustic, Molokai remains true to its island roots. Where visitors can experience old-style Hawaii and feel the Hawaiian culture and aloha spirit permeate from the central town of Kaunakakai to the rugged wilderness on a guided trek through revered Halawa Valley. Explore the glorious North Shore Pali Coast to see the tallest sea cliffs in the world and take in some of the islands’ most remarkable views. Or discover Papohaku Beach, one of Hawaii’s largest white-sand beaches.


Embrace serenity on the island where not one single traffic light can be found. Where luxury and privacy are a way of life. As the smallest inhabited island, Lanai offers an escape from it all. Indulge in exceptional amenities, wellness retreats, and championship golf, or greet the day with a swim at dawn in Hulopoe Bay. Delve into the historic paniolo (cowboy) culture, take in stunning canyon views of Maunalei Gulch, or capture unforgettable sunsets at the iconic Pu'upehe.

The Island of Hawaii

Take a road trip into the great wide open on the youngest and largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Nearly twice as big as all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined, the island of Hawaii’s vast, isolated expanses are awe-inspiring. You can see some of the most pivotal sites in Native Hawaiian history and visit a volcano, while traveling through all but four of the world’s different climate zones. Explore from the crystal-blue waters of Kona and Kohala Coast to the black sands of Punaluu to the lush botanical gardens and waterfalls of the Hamakua Heritage corridor.

The key to your perfect Hawaiian vacation - a conversation with your travel advisor. Enjoy the beautiful state of Hawaii more than once: the six islands offer at least six different flavors of fun, sun, outdoor adventure, cultural exploration, natural beauty, hospitality.



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