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Women Traveling Solo...or Not

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

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You might presume, based on the title, that today's content is not for the guys. Oh, but it IS...because guys, you have daughters, wives, sisters, friends...and some of them love to travel or would love to travel with each other, or even by themselves. My early vacations were solo, and I got to have my time my way. No sharing, no chatter, just peace, quiet, and my enjoyment. Ladies, solo vacations can be your time for introspection, exhilaration, solitude; no audience no distractions, no hangers-on, no whining, crying or complaining - unless its your own.

However, if you're more gregarious than I, perhaps you'd like to travel with your entourage, bevy, or forever-bestiies. Perhaps that time together without the hangers-on is hard to come by and a refreshing vacation for reconnecting, for seeing the places you've only seen on a screen, or the opportunity for wellness, relaxation or empowerment is much needed.

It’s no secret that women traveling alone is on the rise. According to research from online-booking software provider TrekkSoft, the search term “solo female travel” has grown, while a majority of travel advisors noted that more women take solo trips than men, according to a poll conducted by Travel Guard. Women aren’t waiting until the kids are grown – they are working hard and need that time away.

Solo trips allow the female traveler to pursue her own interests without worrying about anyone else. And the right getaway can literally be life-changing. Many women just do not have time in their daily lives for exercise, nutritional eating, and meeting and connecting with new people; or for taking care of themselves physically or psychologically. Are you ready to strike out on your own? Read on for great ladies-only getaway ideas.

Intrepid Travel’s Female-Only Expeditions. In 2018, one of my partners in travel, Intrepid Travel, launched a new collection of female-only expeditions, with destinations ranging from Kenya to Nepal. To tour a UNESCO World Heritage site, see Greco-Roman ruins, and peek inside the real everyday lives of Arabic women, the Jordan Women’s Expedition, stops in Amman, Wadi Rum, and Petra. In addition to bucket-list experiences such as floating in the Dead Sea and touring the ancient Rose City, the itinerary also includes opportunities to learn the art of henna from traditional Bedouin ladies, laze on a women-only beach, and milk goats with a local female shepherd.

The Resort at Paws Up, Montana. Like an all-female traveler reboot of City Slickers, Montana’s premier luxury resort hosts annual Cowgirl Roundups for female cowpokes, drovers, and buckaroos. For four days, ladies forge friendships and refine horsewomanship during trail rides, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops led by iconic Cowgirl Hall of Famers. Gourmet cuisine, nightly campfires and log-cabin luxury round out the experience. Is the Montana cowgirl experience for you?

At Grand Velas Los Cabos, adventure is around every corner. Bring up to three girlfriends on Grand Velas Los Cabos’ Alpha Female Adventure Getaway – or fly solo. The six-day package is designed with high-achievers in mind: Participants hike through the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve, soak in a hot spring, bike along the beach, and snorkel and paddle board during a private three-hour yachting excursion. After all the exertion, settle in for an 80-minute four-hands massage incorporating Mexican tequila, also included. Working hard and playing hard never felt better.

Is a spa/wellness retreat what you're looking for? You might have a difficult decision to make in terms of destination: Thailand? St. Lucia? Somewhere closer to home like maybe an urban destination, or in the mountains of Arizona, or the Carolinas? Your wellness journey can take you as far away as you wish, or as close as a morning commute.

Unplug, find your zen, be pampered, and nourished. Dive a little deeper with the services of a med-spa, or simply dive a little deeper on a morning snorkel, then experience an indulgent spa treatment. Learn self-care, take healthy-cooking classes, meet with a nutritionist or simply indulge in a peaceful hour of yoga on an open-air pavilion, soaking in the last of the day’s rays; wrap up with a sundowner on the deck while a local storyteller shares Balinese tales around a firepit.

Yes, ladies (and gentlemen), women travel! How would you like to do it? Click the green button and we can explore the possibilities.

'til next week.

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