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What's In It For You? Why Travelers Who Know, Go Virtuoso.

In an article I wrote two years ago I explained my consortium, Virtuoso®: what it is, the benefits to me as an advisor of being affiliated with such a prestigious group, and more importantly, the benefits to you the traveler. Since that time, and on a daily basis I speak or write of Virtuoso presuming that everyone knows the significance of the name. As a refresher, as well as tutorial for those who have entered my travel advisor universe since I first wrote, this week I’ll delve once again into the virtues of Virtuoso.

Webster defines a virtuoso as "a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit", and that's the common understanding of the word. "Genius", "expert" and "master" are all accepted definitions, regardless of the field of pursuit. So we agree, right? "A person with great skill"? Okay, ground rule set.

You have noticed by now that Virtuoso appears in my weekly newsletters, social media, website, etc., and if you're not sure who or what Virtuoso is, you'll know as of today. I'd like you to be aware of the relevance of Virtuoso to your travel experience, regardless of who you choose as a travel planner.

Virtuoso is the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel. When you plan a trip with a Virtuoso travel advisor, you’re unlocking a world of in-the-know expertise, unbelievable travel perks, and access to a well-edited portfolio of the best brands in the business. Virtuoso brings together 20,000 of the world’s most sought-after travel advisors and more than 1,800 elite travel companies, from five-star hotel groups and renowned cruise lines to boutique properties and high-end adventure travel outfitters around the world. When it comes to experiencing the best of the best in travel, it's about who you know – and a Virtuoso travel advisor will connect you to the world.

So what's in it for you? On your behalf I access Virtuoso benefits and amenities that you cannot get on your own – the kinds that things that elevate your vacation experience from “pretty good” to “off the charts”. You can travel knowing that you're getting the best possible experience and be confident that your expectations are being surpassed. Every Virtuoso travel advisor has access to on-site, in-country experts around the world, vetted providers, and long-time partners for customizing your trip to a tee. All Virtuoso partners, affiliates, and preferred providers are bound to standards and expectations that elevate not just your own experience, but the reputation of the entire travel industry. As long as we abide by Virtuoso standards, we indeed perform as 'experts', 'masters', and 'people of great skill' when we curate your trip.

Seriously, what does it mean?

  • Personalized planning – the trips and experiences you want (and those unforgettable moments you didn’t even know were possible), tailored to your interests.

  • Travel perks, from hotel room upgrades to complimentary breakfasts and spa treatments, exclusive cruise excursions, and more.

  • VIP access around the globe: See the Sistine Chapel after hours, skip the lines at Angkor Wat, explore the Galápagos Islands with a third-generation naturalist guide.

  • Insider knowledge. Thanks to their own travels and personal relationships with Virtuoso partners around the world, Virtuoso travel advisors take trip recommendations well beyond the expected.

  • Peace of mind – leave the logistics to us, and rely on your advisor for insight and support every step of the way. Last-minute cancellations, border closures, unexpected changes – travel advisors have you covered, now more than ever.

In planning your vacation, remember that you don't have to do it yourself - take advantage of a travel professional's connections and partners, and for peace of mind make sure that your advisor is a Virtuoso affiliate.

'til next week.


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