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What I Did For You

No doubt at some point you have invested in a service upgrade of some kind. Maybe you upgraded your wi-fi or cable service, a maintenance package for your auto or appliance, or perhaps you upgraded the electrical or plumbing system in your home. The point of a service upgrade is to upgrade the service the you receive. Right? Right.

This past week, your travel advisor received a service upgrade so that you get better service. So follow me...I made the investment, plugged myself into a travel brilliance machine and received the download that will provide you an even higher level of preferred, elevated, luxury service.

Enough metaphors; here's the straight story. My host agency held it's first post-covid annual conference, attended by my luxury travel agency-owning colleagues, 21 of our preferred travel partners and providers, and agency mentors and leaders for five days of renewing connections, celebrating our travel joys and frustrations, and plotting the course that we will navigate together as travel reignites its once-stagnant self.

What else did we do? The Los Angeles Tourism Board escorted us through the city on a sparkling sunny day, sharing the deluxe touches and experiences available to our clients in that city, including the fabulous Getty Center, which warrants it's own write-up. We ate scrumptious food so that we know where to recommend (and not). We stayed (too) briefly at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel (an Accor property, to whose elite hotel program I have access for your benefit), sited on a former 20th Century Fox movie lot and newly renovated in 2018, before transferring to Royal Caribbean's International's Navigator of the Seas for the serious get-down-to-business portion of our conference.

Meetings, masterminds, and hot-topic discussions were the rule of the day, while the rest of the ship's passenger complement enjoyed cruise excursions and fun shipboard amenities. The vacationing passengers eyed our business attire quizzically, but we knew that what we were doing was for their own edification, eventually.

I was moved when at dinner one night our waiter thanked us not just for our business, but for the role we play in keeping him and his shipmates employed - something I have never give more than a passing thought.

New ideas, new tools, renewed understanding of what our partners provide our clients, and how they do it - these are things I draw on to not just design your vacation but to elevate it to the status of never-to-be-forgotten. I returned from the Gifted Travel Network Conference 2022 energized, exhausted, exhilarated (and behind in my tasks!). So now I must get back to work.

'til next week.


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