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What Are the Post-Covid Travel Trends?

I’ll probably catch some flack from readers about the term ‘post-covid’, given that it doesn’t really exist yet. I'm taking creative license, because the more accurate ‘intra-covid’ seems to suck the air out of the room. It’s not uplifting at all and isn’t helping me wax poetic right now, so 'post-covid' will have to suffice. However, we’re not going to dwell on it, since we’re mostly concerned with the ‘Travel' part of our title, right? RIght.

So what has the pandemic done for travel?


Workplace policies have enticed travelers to try out new lifestyles, and the urge is getting stronger. The desire for immersive experiences has grown; you can book an extended stay in a Florence, Italy apartment or a villa in Barbados. You can get the taste of a place on your cruise’s port call or spend three to four days exploring a destination; but if you really want to live like a local, go for a month or three.

Extended-stay options range from a sprawling eight-bedroom estate on 35 acres in Aspen to a three-story, two-bedroom contemporary home in Notting Hill. In additional you can have personal chefs, museum tours with art experts, and activities such as a day with a local genealogist to delve into family’s ancestry on your heritage trip.

Make up for Missed Vacations

Frustrated travelers who have endured canceled trips now have untapped vacation budgets; they have big dreams with itineraries that go farther and deeper. Private jet tours were once only for the rich, even if not famous, but now have pandemic-era appeal. Being in a bubble with the same travelers, air crew, and guides engenders a feeling of safety because your exposure isn’t the same as traveling commercially. Your trip can be international or regional, as far away from or close to home as you wish.

Gather the Family

Recent months were the busiest holiday travel seasons in years, even not considering the pandemic. Families took the opportunity to reconnect, and that trend is expected to continue at least through 2022. Villas provide great opportunities to explore a destination together organically and without stress. A vacation home with shimmering pool, multi-sport court, indoor games and access to golfing; a beach stay with swimming and sunning steps away, or a mountain cabin you can shush from takes some of the pressure off figuring out day-trip activities everyone will enjoy, and eliminate the stress of trying to get ready and get out at a specific time for an excursion. I wrote about the advantages of villa rental here. Check it out.

Check off Another Continent

With a lineup of new ships and options it’s easier and more comfortable than ever to explore Antarctica. You can tour the Drake Passage by air instead of cruising. Last July, Lindblad Expeditions launched the 126-passenger National Geographic Endurance with infinity Jacuzzis and an X-Bow design that rides smoother on rough seas. Ponant recently launched the 245-passenger Commandant Charcot, a hybrid-electric ship with a restaurant from Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse. And this year, Seabourn will debut the 264-passenger Venture with two six-passenger submarines for excursions. During days at sea, you’ll learn so much from the naturalists, and all with a martini in your hand as you explore the unique silence of Antarctica.

Wow. They had me at infinity Jacuzzi.

'til next week!


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