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Ultraluxe Greece Awaits

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Greece - you’ve gotta love it. The birthplace of democracy; the sunny isles lapped by azure seas; hot sultry summers and relatively warm, wet winters; fresh aromatic foods accompanied by a vintage of your choice; enough history, architecture and culture to provide you few academic degrees if you have the time, and libraries of books if you have the space.

Among the Virtuoso partners with whom I am affiliated, is a company that specializes in providing my clients with luxurious experiences on their Greek holiday. Their deep knowledge of luxury products and their endless imagination imbue your vacation with unique services that take your journey to the level of ultraluxe.

What types of services would make my vacation extraordinarily ultraluxe, Juliet? Thank you for asking.

Unparalleled privacy – lavish luxury villas, private aviation, yacht charters.

World-class services – luggage services, butlers and nannies, VIP airport assistance, language services, and private lounges to name a few.

Privileged access at cultural venues. Bespoke experienced are possible even at “public” and normally crowded places, thanks to creative thinking and established partner relationships. For example, dinner at a private mansion, a private concert in an ancient theater, a “meet the artist” experience.

In other words, one-of-a-kind travel services and exclusivity that make the most of every mesmerizing moment. Memories in the making!

If cruising the 6,000 isles is more your thing (okay not ALL 6,000), my recommendation is a certain cruise line that visits the smaller, quieter, but equally fascinating ports where the big ships never venture because they cannot park their over-sized selves. The positive: your day in port isn’t crowded with several thousand passengers. Suddenly, the narrow cobblestone streets beckon a leisurely meander, and the café’s offer a relaxing break, instead of being overwhelmed at lunchtime. Bonus: your ship will overnight in some ports, allowing you to enjoy the evening and nightlife in town, followed by another day to explore the richness of the local culture.

Locations like Thessaloniki, Patmos, Crete, Volos, Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos, with inviting Aegean Sea shores, gleaming whitewashed houses perched atop cliffs, ancient relics and modern artistic expressions deliver an authentic cultural experience that enables you to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Maybe you have already been to Greece. However, you haven’t visited on an itinerary that I have planned. If you have not yet been there, Greece and the Greek islands evoke a romanticism and excitement you have probably dreamt about for years. From the awe-inspiring attractions of elaborate Athens, to the clifftop city of Oia, Greece and the Greek Islands await to whisk you away. What are you waiting for??

‘til next week.


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Juliet Weller, Founder


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