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To Market, To Market...

...Christmas market, that is. Are you surprised I am mentioning Christmas when Labor Day isn't even here yet? Well, if you have ever been caught "by surprise" that Christmas is "just around the corner," I'm here to remind you so that it doesn't happen again this year.

Have you given thought to how you'll spend your holiday season? Most folks run off to create loving memories or re-live childhood ones with family, while many avoid winter's chill for a moment by escaping to the warmth of the Caribbean. Have you considered exploring Europe's Christmas markets? Christmas markets open as early as November so it's possible to get your Christmas on early and still enjoy the holidays as you please.

What are Christmas markets? They are giant celebrations of all things Christmas; call them "Christmasfests" if you want a descriptive word: extravaganzas with all the memories, smells and feelings of the European old-fashionedness of Christmas. You'll get your shopping done, find inspiration for holiday decor, and savor the flavors of the season. If you really want to do it big, visit markets in several cities on a European river cruise. I can smell the mulled cider now.

Remember, it's not too early to start planning your itinerary for the upcoming holiday season. Visit the multi-media montage then come back and click this green START PLANNING button.

'til next week.


If Christmas isn't your thing, then for your holiday travel the world is your oyster. Click on the green button and we'll get started.


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