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A Look at the Land of the Rising Sun

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I am currently curating an itinerary for an adventurous group headed to Japan next year. As you've heard me say many times, with every itinerary I design I get to travel vicariously to that destination. In addition, with every client's journey I learn something new, whether during the design phase or on their return when I get to hear the wonderful stories of their unforgettable journey.

For me, the adventures have already begun as I 'travel' through Japan ahead of this group. Currently, Japan is Asia's Italy. What do I mean by that? Undoubtedly, you've heard (probably from me) that most Italian cities, in addition to many others throughout Europe, are experiencing an overwhelming "excess" of tourists. This explosion began last year post-pandemic and has continued to mushroom creating a shortage in tour guides, drivers, tours, tickets to iconic sites and events, and even hotel rooms at all levels. If you've traveled to Europe recently (you did that without me???) you've probably also noticed the rise in airfare that has accompanied the increase in demand for travel.

But I digress...we were talking about Japan, which is now having an explosion of its own, and many of the in-country partners used by advisors have stopped taking requests for assistance with itineraries. Fortunately, this is not currently a problem for me; suffice it to say though, for ANY trip you are planning, an early start is not early enough. START NOW. There's a link to help you at the end of this article.

On to Japan: I want to share this exotic destination with you through some inspirational travel content that I think you'll truly enjoy, My colleagues at Approach Guides have helped me by preparing this beautiful multi-media presentation of short articles, videos and audio fies. It's a fascinating look into Japan's cultural tapestry, of food, history and more, with stunning photos and insights that will leave you wanting more.

'til next week.


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