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New Rules for Travelers to the U.S.

It has been a while since I gave my periodic nod to the ever-changing COVID-related travel rules. Said rules for travel to the U.S. are changing on November 8; most noteworthy is the end of the pandemic travel ban on foreign visitors. In addition to allowing in foreign travelers, the re-entry rules will also be changing for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Disclaimer: The information below is current as of this writing and is due to take effect on November 8. For your own travel, please make sure you have current information by consulting the CDC, and State Department websites related to travel for the specific destination. Your travel advisor is a helpful resource.

What’s Changing for Returning U.S. Citizens and Residents?

  • Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents will have to show proof of vaccination (your vaccine card) and a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than three days prior to traveling.

  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents that are unvaccinated will have to show a negative COVID test taken no more than one day before travel. If you are unvaccinated and have recovered from COVID, proof of recovery will also be accepted for reentry. Documentation of recovery from COVID includes a positive test taken no more than 90 days before the flight, and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider clearing you to travel. Air travelers to the U.S. will be required to provide contact information to the airline before boarding, to assist with contact tracing.

What's Changing for Foreign Travelers?

Who will be allowed into the U.S. when the travel ban is lifted?

  • Only fully vaccinated foreign travelers will be allowed into the U.S. The only exceptions to the vaccination entry requirement will be for children under 18 and visitors from countries with a less than 10 percent total vaccination rate due to lack of availability of vaccines. The vaccination requirement applies to both travelers arriving by land and air. Foreign travelers will still need to show a negative COVID test (or proof of recovery) in addition to proof of vaccination.

Check out this page on the State Department’s website for answers to your FAQs. In addition, the CDC has just updated travel warnings for 19 countries, and their travel advice on a variety of topics is here.

Are you ready to step back into travel? As we grow accustomed to the ubiquitous virus I encourage my clients to have a “proceed at your comfort level” more than a “proceed at your own risk” mindset. It is possible to travel safely and smartly. I encourage you to share my articles with the folks you know, who might not be in the know. Call or email me to schedule a ‘discovery’ session – your next vacation destination is just over the horizon – and we can discover it together.

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