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Let's Go To...Tahiti!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Outrigger canoe in tropical water
Serenity now!

It has been a busy week - a leadership and business development bootcamp in Dallas, TX, lots of garden cleanup after a hailstorm a couple of weeks ago (wind-driven hail is an airborne lawnmower blade gone wild!), and (yay!) the long-awaited reorganization of the garage has begun.

Today is the first in a what I expect will be a recurring series called "Let's Go To...".  For the featured destination I'll  present ideas on where to stay, where to eat, what to do, what to see - you get the gist. These are not 'best of' recommendations, but are drawn from the vast network of Virtuoso-preferred providers and favorites, and are merely my recommendations. Naturally, I'll curate your trip  based on your preferences, budget, and timing.  Feel free to suggest destinations that you'd like to learn more about.

First up: Tahiti, French Polynesia - a dream destination for many, and the quintessential tropical paradise. Tahiti is one island in French Polynesia, which is made up of five groups of islands, 118 in total, scattered over 1200 miles. The island is unique in that it is an ideal destination for luxury vacationers, adventure seekers, and for travelers who favor culinary experiences and cultural immersion. Regarding the latter, I find Polynesian culture and history fascinatingly rich, diverse and exciting.

BEST TIME TO GO: Fortunately, Tahiti is a year-round destination with consistent weather: the average temperature is 79 degrees. The water temp varies between 79 degrees in "winter" and 84 degrees in summer, and changes less than a degree down to 150 feet, so diving and snorkeling conditions are enticing.

HOW TO GET THERE: By air or sea, of course. Air Tahiti Nui flies direct from Los Angeles three times per week. If you're looking to cruise, Paul Gauguin Cruises' flagship, the m/s Paul Gauguin is specially designed to glide through shallow South Pacific seas; it has spacious suites with balconies, onboard water-sports, and five-star service. Polynesian spirit pervades the cruise, thanks to the native Tahitians that serve as cruise staff and entertainers. Total passenger complement: 332. The advantage to cruising, is of course, the multiplicity of ports on your visit; i.e., Tahiti plus. Gauguin is by no means the only cruise line with regular sailings to Tahiti. Your travel advisor is the best person to help you select the right cruise line for you, regardless of destination. This newsletter of a few weeks ago will explain the importance of being on the right cruise line for the travel experience that suits your taste.

MUST-DO: Explore Tahiti!  The island is actually divided in two - the larger 'lobe' Tahiti Nui, with Tahiti Iti attached on the southeast end. Both parts are largely uninhabited believe it or not, as they are very mountainous and rugged. Tours take you to strikingly beautiful vistas, to meet the local people, travel through rainforests to waterfalls, discover unknown places, and taste the Polynesian way of life. Water excursions abound - sailing/boating trips explore beaches and lagoons, diving, manta ray and shark swims or watches along the gorgeous reefs. Be sure to catch a local ferry to Bora Bora or Moorea; so many islands, so little time!

'til next week.

Over-water bungalows...relaxing!

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