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Let's Go To...Morocco!

Remember last week I told you about National Plan for Vacation Day? It's just around the corner - January 28th. At the bottom of the newsletter I've planted another banner with a statistic that relates to vacation planning - because you don't deserve to have regrets about the vacation you didn't take this year. It's a 2017 statistic, but I'll wager it hasn't improved since then. It's my obligation (and yours) to help you de-stress, make memories, enjoy, and explore.

Continuing our periodic series "Let's Go To...", we're off to Morocco this week. I know what you just thought..."Seriously? Isn't that a long way to go?" And yes it is, which is why you'll also enjoy of any or all of the following while you're there: Grenada, Seville, Costa del Sol or even Madrid, Spain; as well as Lisbon, Portugal. You can even make Morocco a post-cruise adventure while you're in the Mediterranean. regrets!

Exploring Morocco is an exciting prospect! Beginning with dinner in Casablanca, then along the Barbary Coast to the 16th century pirate haven of Rabat, and on to Marrakech, the “Red City” amid its sandstone walls and buildings - your itinerary is full of incredible historic sites. In planning your trip, I collaborate with experienced in-country teams with insider access, and in-depth knowledge. Your experiences there will be immersive and personal, because who'd want to spend their hard-earned vacay to Morocco in a hotel, right? Have tea in a Berber household, or design your own perfume; step onto the sand of the Sahara; do a culinary excursion in the city of Medina, then a sunset camel ride and a meet-up with the nomadic Tuareg. How about a private tour of Yves Saint-Laurent's house?

Your escorted tour continues to Fez, considered to be Morocco’s spiritual and artistic center, to see the magnificent entrance to the Royal Palace. Drive through the old Jewish quarter, travel to the traditional entrance to Old Fez at Bab Bou Jeloud, and follow your local guide through the labyrinthine streets of Medina and the remarkable architecture of the Medersa Bou Inania. Return to Casablanca, for panoramic drive to visit the Hassan II Mosque. Then, top it all off with a delicious farewell dinner to celebrate your Moroccan Escape!

Your guides will be multilingual, so no worries there. Christmas and Easter are peak times so if those are your visits of choice, plan early. April/May and September/October are seasons of perfect weather, and are ideal for a night under the stars on your private mobile camp in the Sahara. I can already see your selfies peppering my social media feed.

'til next week.

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