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International Travel Updates, and a Great Idea

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I'm so glad to be out of the heatwave that has been roasting northern Colorado since July. We had a refreshing early-morning rain shower on Saturday morning which rarely happens, so my rain dance must have worked. There was also a dusting of snow in the high peaks. Snow!! I'll continue dancing for a little more rain, enough to make a dent in those wildfires west of here. Guest dancers are welcome! A big thank you to everyone who took my survey last week. My goal was to keep it short and sweet, and convenient for you. The survey is anonymous, and I cannot tell who took it, so if you haven't, this link will take you there. The information I gather tells me how/what my readers, friends, family, clients are feeling/thinking about travel in the near future. It also gives me ideas for blog topics. For folks curious about travel to the Caribbean, I gathered some information for you. If you're not feeling the pull of the blue Caribbean Sea and wafting Trade Winds right now, scroll past the giant paragraph coming up - I have another idea for you, down below.

Okay, island lovers, THIS IS NOT a comprehensive list of requirements, documents and so forth, nor a tally of impacts from Hurricane Laura; it's merely an update on Covid-related travel restrictions or the lifting thereof. Is there an island on your mind?

- Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Grenada have implemented a travel bubble. Guests who have remained in the bubble for 21 days do not need to present PCR tests and/or quarantine when traveling between countries.

- Barbados is open. Negative PCR taken within 72 hours and 14-day quarantine required for visitors from high-risk countries. Visitors may take another test 5-7 days later in order to expedite quarantine.

- Grenada has reopened to US visitors. Negative PCR test taken within 7 days, additional PCR test taken upon arrival and 14-day quarantine required for visitors from high-risk countries.

- St. Vincent and the Grenadines are open. Negative PCR taken within 7 days, additional PCR test taken upon arrival and initial 5-day quarantine required for visitors from high-risk countries. At that point, visitors will be tested again and subject to additional quarantine of up to 16 days per Port Health Officer’s discretion.

- St. Lucia is open, requiring negative PCR within 7 days of arrival. No quarantine if remaining on property at an approved hotel. Water-based excursions arranged by hotels are permitted.

- The Bahamas are open, with a mandatory 14-day quarantine and negative PCR tests: one taken within 10 days of arrival and one taken before exiting quarantine if stay exceeds 14 days.

- Jamaica is open, requiring negative PCR test within 10 days of arrival for all residents of the United States. No quarantine if remaining on property at an approved hotel.

- St. Barths is open, requiring negative PCR result 72 hours prior to arrival. Additional test required for stays of seven or more days.

- Turks and Caicos is open but requires pre-travel authorization and a negative PCR result taken no more than 5 days before arrival.

- Dominican Republic is open, requires a negative PCR within 5 days of arrival or PCR test at airport upon arrival. Nationwide curfew has been extended through September.

- Puerto Rico is open to essential travel only.

You've probably heard by now that there are resorts in the US and a handful of overseas destinations that are inviting you to enjoy extended Covid-careful stays while you work from home? These "workcations" are aimed at families with kids engaged in remote learning, as well as adults that are working from home without the need to (or hope of) returning to the office for the time being. The idea is that if you are 'stuck' in one place (home), tethered only by a computer and a need for wi-fi, why not add a dimension of fun and travel by being tethered in an all-inclusive resort, with amenities, staff, service, sunshine, etc., and still have access to a covid-safe, exclusive environment? All work and no know what they say. Availability is limited of course, to allow social distancing, and rules for staff and guests are in place. But after a day of work (or on your mid-day break, or anytime!)) you can trot down to the sparsely populated pool, relax with book or companion, sip a cocktail you didn't have to prepare, and contemplate the dinner menu that neither you nor partner had to worry about. Sounds like a plan to me. If you'd like to know more about destinations and availability, reach out to me by clicking here then hit send. In these weird times, travel might not be all it used to be (yet!), but it's still breathing, and is still the lure for the adventurous spirit that it has always been. 'til next week.

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