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In Need of Inspiration?

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

The first month of 2023 is more than half over. Have I rudely awakened you? How about this one: do you have your travel plans for 2023 or 2024 in place yet? If I know you, and i think I do, you're thinking I'm crazy. While this may be true, I am however, in touch with reality; that reality being that travel is in as high demand as fresh air and clean water right now, so it behooves the hopeful traveler to get their travel affairs in order. It is neither too early, nor too late, but it is imperative that planning for your vacation begin in earnest.

Do you know where yo want to go? It's okay if you don't because the world is your oyster and I have a few ideas. Once we have our discovery session where you tell me your dream list, I can get to work figuring out the rest. I just stole this off the Virtuoso website: "Virtuoso advisors don’t just plan travel – they get to know your travel style and translate that style into all your travels. They become a specialist in you." That struck me as poetic, while simultaneously speaking to the very deep responsibility I have to my clients. It's sobering.

I had an inquiry this week for a Turks & Caicos vacation for a family of six. As it turned out, we were not a good fit for working together and thus ended a relationship that never began. Is Turks & Caicos for you? I feel like most of the US is shivering right now, and while I am in a warm, sunny location, you may not be. So Turks and Caicos it is then.

I wrote about the 100-island chain (only nine are inhabited) over two years ago. It's time for more inspiration:

T&C was very popular last fall; maybe it’s the gorgeous, white-sand beaches on the main island of Providenciales; the impressive array of Virtuoso-affiliated resorts to choose from; or the fact that the islands are a direct flight from several U.S. cities, making long-weekend getaways in a tropical paradise an easy reality.

Add Turks and Caicos to your Wanderlist if you want to get away from it all. The islands are very safe and suited to all types of travelers – honeymooners, couples, families, privacy-seekers, and scuba divers. Parents love staying at family friendly or all-inclusive resorts because there are activities for kids of all ages – and they can have some space too.

To start your trip off on the right foot, I'll arrange VIP concierge service at the airport. Upon arrival, you’re whisked through expedited customs and into a private lounge with Wi-Fi and snacks to wait for your luggage and your resort transfer. The airport can get busy, so it’s worth it – and it will get you to the beach even quicker.

Beach time: The most popular stretch of sand on Providenciales is Grace Bay – in fact, it is consistently voted one of the best beaches in the world. Its calm and shallow waters are very swimmable, and it’s a great spot to head out on a boat for diving or in search of private coves to explore. Surf lessons on the beach are popular too, especially with families and kids.

To make the most of T&C sunsets? Sunsets here are truly as amazing as everyone says! For the best views, charter a yacht and get out on the water for a sunset sail or an evening meal. Most resorts can easily arrange this for you.

Not your cup of 'T'...&C? (I couldn't resist). Then is it skiing? Hiking? Japan? Ancient Egyptian history? Antarctica? Photography? Sailing? Tell me what is when we have our discovery call. There's a reason it has that I can discover exactly what kind of vacation moves you. Maybe I can help you discover that too! Click the START PLANNING button so we can get you going.

'til next week.


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