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Have You Seen the U.S. This Way?

My dear readers made my heart happy last week with their responses to my "Let's Go To...Portugal" newsletter. So many of you are ready to go; and to that I say "Let's go, already!" Currently, I am in the middle of what is known in the industry as 'wave season'. It's the time of year when the volume of travel inquiries and the workload it creates hits the advisor like a giant wave. Coming on the heels of the travel drought of the last two years, this year's wave is wonderfully refreshing and welcome.

Not everyone is ready to venture overseas, however, and they're just fine traveling in the good ole U.S. of A. For those folks, a twist on the ordinary: exploring the US by its waterways. What better way to see the 'same old' destinations from a whole new vantage point: a paddlewheeler on the mighty American rivers?! And top it off, your riverine journey will be bracketed by overnight stays in the finest of hotels. So what's in store for you?

OHIO, TENNESSEE and CUMBERLAND RIVERS: on a voyage from St. Louis to Cincinnati, for example, American spirit freely flows on a floating celebration of heartland charm. From cityscape to country road, this cruise showcases the magic of Mid-America. Experience an easygoing, mindful way of life. Or choose the Cinnci to Nashville route, where quaint riverside towns complement powerhouses of culture and innovation on this route along the Ohio and Cumberland rivers. Walkable promenades stretch out before you, lined with shops boasting artisan treasures and landmarks of both architectural and historic significance. Taste the local flavors, learn the stories of the trials and triumphs that built these towns, and let the classic riverboat experience carry you away.

SNAKE AND COLUMBIA RIVERS: Embrace dramatic scenery and relive the daring exploits of frontiersmen and adventurers aboard a luxury vessel on a Columbia and Snake River cruise. Take time to linger on deck as you traverse the Columbia River Gorge. It is here that history thrives in the parade of a quiet land, uplifted by the rocky cliffs and ripened trees that stretch from the ground below. Experience the serenity of wilderness in the Pacific Northwest. The Columbia and Snake Rivers are flowing passageways that lead to wine country, ripe for adventuring. Portland or Vancouver to Spokane, or reverse.

LOWER MISSISSIPPI: The grandaddy of them all (no disrespect intended to grandmothers, of course). The Lower Mississippi River has stories to share – a legacy that flows from Memphis to the Gulf of Mexico. Embark on more than just a cruise, and return with more than memories: experience, understanding, an enlightened perspective. It's your re-introduction to the American South's great sights and port cities between Memphis and New Orleans A new chapter awaits around each river bend.

SPECIALTY CRUISES: A Kentucky Bourbon cruise to learn about the history of this true American spirit. Speakers and tasting events will fill the voyage. Whether you like your bourbon neat, on the rocks or with a splash, you are sure to enjoy this incredible opportunity. An Old Fashioned for me, please.

A Star-Spangled Cruise - what better way to celebrate America’s Independence Day than on an American river cruise in the heart of the country? Small towns will be adorned with symbols of US independence, and onboard you will be filled with patriotic pride. This year's special guest and national icon, Lee Greenwood, known for "God Bless the USA" will perform on American Queen, July 4, 2022 and American Countess June 28, 2022 voyages. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

New Year 2023 eight or nine-day river cruise: roundtrip New Orleans or Memphis to New Orleans. New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection and celebration with family and friends. Honor the year’s end with an exclusive experience, docking at Nottoway Plantation on the big day, where on board, a gala is planned to provide hours of music and dancing – complete with a champagne toast. The time to book this is now.

I mentioned only a few of the itineraries available on these mighty rivers. We can talk about which route you want to do first. For the traveler who is drawn to small-ship cruising with immersive shore excursions and onboard programs a paddlewheeler will be a refreshingly innovative luxury experience you'll remember always, and repeat often. Let's plan yours.

'til next week.


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