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Have You Seen the Northern Lights?

You probably know by now that I am not a cold weather person. I've lived in the cold and can tolerate it fine but it isn't my milieu of choice. Strangely, I am a cold weather runner and don't enjoy hot weather running. Hmmm...

...I digress. My guy is a cold-weather guy and living in Mexico won't change that for him, bless his heart. Anyway, regardless of my preference for living in warm locations, I'm fine with a cold weather vacation, and a trip to see the Northern Lights is not only well worth it, but definitely on my list. How about you?

Here is a pretend itinerary for this exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

On an adventure to the top of the world, experience a side of life that feeds the imagination and leaves you forever enchanted with Finland, nicknamed “Daughter of the Baltic.”

Your tour begins with your first night in Helsinki, Finland’s vibrant capital, where history converges with architectural style and combines with a laid-back vibe. Helsinki is actually an archipelago, a collection of beautiful islands with pristine public parks. This evening, gather with new friends for a welcome dinner in the city center. Hyvää ruokahalua! (Bon appetit!)

After breakfast, join a local expert for an engaging city tour. If Finland’s heart beats in Helsinki, then Helsinki’s core is in Senate Square, home of Helsinki Cathedral, the city’s most iconic building. Walk the streets of empiric-designed Tori Quarters before enjoying some free time in Market Square, the city’s famous international market. See the steel monument dedicated to the composer Sibelius. During your leisure time, explore more of Helsinki independently.

Travel on your third day to Kakslauttanen. Escape to northernmost Finland’s winter wonderland on board a flight to Ivalo and magical Lapland. Like a storybook come to life, Lapland’s culture is steeped in myth and legend. Relish encounters with reindeer and unspoiled views of the northern lights. At the breathtaking Kakslauttanen Resort, spend two nights in your very own Finnish log cabin, indulging in your personal Finnish sauna and other unique fixtures. Trek north toward Inari on a chase for the northern lights. Stops along the pursuit allow you the chance for a front-row seat at nature’s dazzling, electric light show.

On day five, hit the snow and mush to breakfast aboard an authentic Finnish sleigh. From Kakslauttanen, head to the home of Santa Claus, an epicenter of Christmas cheer. Among prancing reindeer, learn about Santa’s origins during a meet and greet at his house. Under the Arctic moonlight, a reindeer farmer introduces you to some friendly Lappish reindeer that will escort you on an exhilarating safari through remote Kakslauttanen. Gain insight into the importance of reindeer herding to the Sámi indigenous culture. Sip warm berry juice, a Finnish tradition, under the cover of blankets in the surround of northern Finland’s unspoiled wilderness as you continue the search for the elusive northern lights.

After breakfast on day six, breathe in the bracing Arctic air and step into the role as leader of your own dog sled team. Zoom through the wilderness on a husky safari, driving your husky guides that are as fast as they are furry. Spend some time getting to know these amazing dogs and learn about their different commands. You’ll also be introduced to the equipment you’ll need to experience this incredible Arctic adventure at its best. Enjoy your last night in the heart of the Lappish wilderness, nestled in your luxurious and private glass igloo, letting you view the northern lights dancing overhead.

Your last day in enchanting Lapland, say goodbye and fly back to Helsinki. Enjoy the afternoon at leisure. Explore the city’s central squares and get in tune with the latest Finnish trends at a collection of charming shops. Tonight, in downtown Helsinki, toast to grand adventures and new friends.

Your tour is over today, day nine. Set out for home with incredible memories and a longing to return. You hunted for the elusive northern lights learned about Finnish culture and history on a tour of Helsinki with a local expert; you savored the local cuisine, mushed across rugged Lapland, journeyed with the reindeer, and slept surrounded by wilderness in a glass igloo and a Finnish log cabin. One dynamic experience follows another on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure through Finland.

If not this year, then next? Click on the green button and we can get started.

'til next week.


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