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Embracing Solo Travel: Is it For You?

Have you ever tried to organize an outing or event for a group? I don’t necessarily mean a vacation trip; let’s say it's a simple outing with co-workers, friends, or family. It can be difficult, no? Finding a date that works for everyone, making sure the budget and activity suit each person so that they all have a good time. Just getting agreement on a restaurant for dinner can be frustrating, so imagine taking the outing to the level of vacation. Most of us have been there; the group text slowly dwindles as the dates get closer, people realize they have overcommitted and pull out. Only the organizer is left, their text messages echoing down a deserted virtual hallway.

With increased travel restrictions, it’s even harder to meet the needs of the entire herd. Naturally, I will mention here that your travel advisor is the expert in these matters. But let me play devil’s advocate and forget that 'I are one' for a minute. Given the aforementioned bothersome arrangements, who do you think is going to return to travelling first? The solo traveler will!! Why? A solo traveler has the ability to adapt, and the liberty of doing whatever they darn well please without requiring approval or consensus. Read to the for a twist on 'solo travel' (I love a twist!).

You’re far more in control when you travel by yourself. You do not need to worry about nor cater to anyone else’s needs or wants, which allows you to create the experience that best suits you. Remember daydreaming about that holiday, just the way you wanted it to be? Well, now is the time to be selfish, and there is no need to compromise when it is just you! You can run on your own schedule. Fancy getting up early to watch the sunrise? Do it. Want to sleep in instead? No one is stopping you. It sounds perfect!

Travelling by yourself has huge benefits. The solo traveler is a confident person, or will be by the time they have navigated their vacation and made their own decisions. Everything from navigating an unfamiliar airport and making your flight on time, to the first time you find your way back to the hotel after getting a little lost in a foreign city. Been there and been there. All of these will give you the confidence that you can continue to overcome challenges during your travels. Pro tip: learn a few key phrases in the local language. It may not be a requirement for finding your way around considering all the apps and technology available at your fingertips, but it will allow you to interact with the locals, even if you’re just trying to find a public restroom.

When you’re by yourself, you’ll do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Solo travelers tend to be a little more spontaneous, since they don’t need to convince anyone else to join them on their escapades. Changing your plans last minute won’t inconvenience anyone else, and there is no judgement from companions who aren’t able to flex with your impromptu change of plans.You won’t have to wait for others, either to commit to the trip, or on the trip. You’ll not be waiting for a travel companion to make up their mind on dates, or activities, or if the hotel needs to have a pool.

The most vital part of travelling solo is to embrace the trip and enjoy the experience. It’s a huge achievement to be by yourself in a foreign country, and one that not everyone gets to do. Make sure you work closely with your advisor to plan your journey to whatever level of detail makes you comfortable. An advisor is an invaluable resource who’ll not just take care of the details, but the right details.

Although travelling solo may seem daunting, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience for those who get the opportunity to do so. Here's the twist: solo travel doesn't necessarily mean you're alone, unless you want it to be that way. Solo travelers can join groups of other travelers - it just means you join them without any of your own peeps in tow. Get it? You can meet a whole new world of like-minded travelers, and still be a 'solo 'traveler'! Sounds like best of all travel worlds!

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