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Adventure Travel Ideas Part 4 - Adrenaline Rush!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Depending on how well you know me, you're probably aware that I am NOT an 'adrenaline junkie' as most people define it. I won't excuse it, or explain it beyond saying that it's simply not in my makeup. The white water rafting I enjoy is the amusement park kind with the round yellow raft and a few up-and-downy whoop-di-doo's that churn the tummy. Roller coasters - not enjoyable no matter how hard I try (and I have really tried!); skydiving - no thanks (I almost had to in the Navy); skateboarding like those skateboarders do - not on my list.

Now that we've determined I'm a sissy, where are you on the junkie scale of adrenaline rushes? Even if you don't crave or enjoy the 'rush' that others do, it doesn't mean that "adventure" is not in your makeup. It's absolutely in mine: multiple marathons in the Utah desert, swimming with gentle manatees, climbing a 14,000-foot mountain, solo road trips to see things I've only seen on a screen, and I once found myself as the passenger on a motorcycle whose operator thought it smart to go 120 mph on the interstate. True story; never again.

It only takes a slight turn of the adrenaline tap to create an adventure for me. Do any of these turn yours?

Paddle off the beaten path. Take an Amazon River cruise and enjoy a kayaking excursion through a seasonally flooded forest while looking for sloths and howler monkeys.

Strap on a parachute. Soak in stunning mountain and lake views while skydiving on an adrenaline-fueled day planned with insight from Tourism New Zealand.

Walk inside a volcano. Adventures on the outskirts of Reykjavik include spelunking in one of the country’s longest lava tubes.

Catch a wave down under. Let me set up surf lessons and help you find the best beaches for shredding waves.

Fly down a zip line. This is a easy one. Zip-lining is avaiable in almost every country you can think of. My job is to find you a provider with a safety record par excellence. How about a trip to Fiji’s Denaru Island that includes a cave safari, a waterfall walk, and zip-lining? Have you ever thought of ziplining Niagara Falls?

Cycle the Dolomites. Biking through villages, hiking along World War I routes, and zip-lining among treetops are all part of a multisport Dolomites tour.

Give rappelling a go. Take surf lessons, rappel down the face of a waterfall, and raft the Savegre River during a 12-day Costa Rica journey.

Ride the wind. Let’s team up with South African Tourism to deliver the perfect spot for windsurfing atop whitecaps and waves.

Take a floatplane. Your trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. can include a heart-pounding floatplane ride past a cascading waterfall or to a nearby island for fishing and camping.

Go off-roading. While in Colorado, drive an open-sided UTV over rocky, dusty roads to scenic spots and historic mining sites.

Brave Whistler’s waterways. White-water rafting on the Green, Lower Cheakamus, Elaho, or Squamish rivers.

If your favorite adrenaline stimulant, or one that sits on your list of things to do isn't here, you know by now that I can find it for you and elevate the experience to "make-your-friends-jealous" status. Your social media account would be abuzz (an adrenaline rush of its own, from what I hear). The adventure you're looking for is only a Zoom call away!

'til next week.


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Juliet Weller, Founder

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