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Adventure Travel Ideas, Part 3 - Head to the Mountains

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Now that 2022 is upon us, have you formulated your list of things to accomplish? Clean out the garage; insulate the attic; go on an adventure vacation? Depending on how much you revelled on New year's Eve you may or may not recall that this is part 3 of your vacation inspiration à la adventure travel. Part 1, is here; Part 2, here. This week, ideas for mountain vacations in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland and Peru.

Play in the snow. Go on an alpine adventure in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where deep powder is perfect for skiing and snowmobiling.

Go white-water rafting. Alberta’s 442-room Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is within easy striking distance of class II and III rapids on the Athabasca and Sunwapta rivers.

Take the train. Rattle past the mighty Fraser River and majestic Mount Robson – the Canadian Rockies’ highest peak – on a rail journey from Vancouver to Kamloops aboard the glass-domed train.

Rev-up a motorcycle. With recommendations from my partners in Switzerland I can tailor your motorcycle road trip through the iconic Alps.

Go snowshoeing. Crunch your way through fresh, deep snow on a snowshoe excursion in the wilderness surrounding Canada’s Lake Louise.

Explore Peru on foot. Visiting Ancash in the Andes Mountains, where turquoise lakes and towering mountain peaks are a dramatic backdrop for trekking and climbing.

Bike through Banff National Park. Leaving from the 757-room Fairmont Banff Springs, guests can take a scenic bike ride along the Bow River and Vermilion Lakes with a private guide.

Tee off. Challenge your golf prowess in Whistler, British Columbia at an 18-hole golf course with a 400-foot elevation change.

Take your pick of snow sports. During winter, a six-day tour including snowshoeing, skiing, and dogsledding, in Big Sky and Yellowstone National Park.

Hike four peaks. Guides at 27-room Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve ranch in Northern New Mexico will lead guests on a five-day hike that summits four peaks.

Take in the Sierras, then head to the spa. A six-hour drive south from Vermejo, the 18-room Sierra Grande, a Ted Turner Retreat sits near geothermal hot springs, perfect for a mineral soak or rose-oil massage. For a more intimate getaway, the nearby Ladder, a Ted Turner Reserve is a private, four-bedroom ranch house with an on-site chef and access to the same spa services.

Go mountain biking. With Utah’s 46-room Lodge at Blue Sky as your base, set out on a fat-tire bike ride along the area’s many multi-use trails.

If your dream mountain vacation isn't listed, then tell me where you want to go and we'll work on it. The year is new, but as you've noticed, time flies and you don't want to waste a precious minute. You can reply to this and it will be in my mailbox in a matter of seconds. In my next article, suggestions to get your adrenaline going.

'til next week.


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Juliet Weller, Founder

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