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Adventure Travel Ideas, Part 2 - Far Corners of the World

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Welcome to Part 2, of your adventure vacation inspiration. If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here. This week, I am listing some destinations you might not have thought of before - once the stuff of legendary explorers like Cousteau, Amundsen, and Magellan – that now even the everyday travel-holic can experience without having to invest in their own a dog team or mighty sailing ship.

Soar like a bird. Custom Nepal trips can include heart-pounding activities such as paragliding, zip-lining (on the world’s highest course), trekking, and helicoptering to Mount Everest’s base camp.

Paddle a pristine lake. Kayak across crystal-clear Lake Hovsgol – Mongolia’s largest – on a 13-day voyage.

Sleep on a mythical island. Perched on a tranquil hilltop, Easter Island’s 30-room explora Rapa Nui - Posada de Mike Rapu is built almost entirely from local wood and volcanic rock.

Chill out in Antarctica. Kayaking, stargazing, and hiking the continent’s icy shores are all part of a ten-day Antarctic cruises.

See otherworldly icebergs. In Chilean Patagonia, hike to Grey Lake for views of a ghostly blue glacier and icebergs – or head north to the Andean landscape of volcanos and deserts.

Decipher ancient cultural artifacts. Explore religious architecture, giant moai sculptures, petroglyphs, and more while visiting Easter Island on your 13-day journey through Peru and Chile.

Cozy up in an African treehouse. In Rwanda, travelers can sip a cocktail, explore Volcanoes National Park, and – most importantly – embark on day trips for gorilla encounters.

Play polar explorer. On a 24-day expedition cruise through the little-trafficked Northwest Passage, sail from western Greenland to the Canadian Arctic, the Bering Sea, and, finally, Alaska.

Go glacier trekking. From Alaska’s six-room Winterlake Lodge, take a short helicopter ride to the Trimble and Hayes glaciers, where an alien landscape of crevasses, icefalls, and snowfields awaits.

Sail to the edge of the earth. Discover some of the planet’s most remote landscapes on Australis’ four-night sailing from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Go on an Arctic safari. On a ten-day journey, explore Greenland’s isolated east coast, complete with glacier walks, sea kayaking, and zipping around icebergs in a Zodiac.

Feel at home in the Himalayas. Starting in the capital of Thimpu, a ten-day tour takes travelers on a journey of Buddhist monuments, magnificent scenery, and a hike up to the legendary Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Explore Russia’s remote coast. Extinct volcanoes, craggy ice cliffs, and an assortment of elusive animals are among the unforgettable sights on 22-day expedition sailing in the high Russian Arctic’s polar destinations.

New ideas to introduce you to the four corners of our spherical planet. As I've mentioned before, the "secret" to ensuring that yours is the trip of a lifetime is to take advantage of the relationship between a provider and your travel advisor. Many service providers work only with advisors, and not with the public; we speak the same travel industry language, and they maintain excellent and personalized standards of service. Anyone can book a trip, but only an advisor with the expertise and personal relationship with a travel partner that is vested in your complete enjoyment and satisfaction can create a truly memorable experience that surpasses expectations.

'til next week.


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