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2024 Summer Olympics Anyone?

Have you ever attended any Olympic games events? Most people don't think of going to observe for themselves. Besides, technology makes it way too easy to enjoy from the comfort of the couch, doesn't it.

I have a friend who almost got to go to the games in Greece in 2004, but they say 'almost' doesn't count, sadly. My cousin represented Jamaica in cycling at the Russia games in 1980 and even medalled! Yes, my cousin - we share a gene or two. Today that is still the only Olympic medal credited to Jamaica that isn't in track and field. How's that for little-known sports factoids? I won't call it trivia, because it isn't trivial if you are Jamaican, and the cousin of an Olympic medalist.

Are you considering going to the Olympics next year? Why not? Next year's games are being held in Paris, as you probably know; the games will also coincide with the re-opening of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and the 80th anniversary of D-Day. It will be a big year for France and for many Francophiles, athletes, their parents and coaches, and relatives of the survivors and departed of WWII. There will be much to celebrate.

If Olympic events are on your list for next year, allow us to custom-craft a luxe travel experience for you to the 2024 Summer Games in Paris. I have a carefully selected partner standing by to work with us on your bespoke Summer Games package with coveted Parisian accommodations, dedicated airport transfers, and a carefully selected list of additional possibilities for activities and excursions, a personal meet-and-greet upon arrival and VIP assistance from their bilingual on-site host team. Travel stress-free, knowing you’ll be fully cared for by their friendly and experienced staff.

This will be the biggest sporting event of the year. If there is one sporting event that should be on everyone’s bucket list, it’s the Summer Games. Don't you feel that way every time you watch the events on TV? Before I started my agency, I always wondered who those people were that got to go and how they orchestrate it - the tickets, the accommodations, everything. Well now I know, and can do it for you.

The atmosphere surrounding this event is like nothing else in the world. While most people will enjoy the Summer Games from their televisions, those in Paris will experience something truly extraordinary.

After a scaled back Summer Games in 2021, interest in Paris’ Summer Games is even higher than normal. Though Paris has some wonderful hotels, capacity is limited, particularly at the luxury level. I encourage interested travelers to plan early to avoid disappointment. There’s no doubt Paris will make an amazing host for the 2024 Summer Games. This popular destination has been captivating globetrotters for years. Combine that with the allure of one of the world’s biggest sporting events and you get an incredibly attractive summer vacation for a wide range of travelers.

Now that you have a direct connection to the Summer Games, it's your move - and there is no time to waste, given not just the frenzy of travel to France for the last two years, but now there's a REASON for the frenzy that the WHOLE WORLD knows about. Click on the green button!

'til next week.


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