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Welcome to Global Exotic Adventures


As you think of your next vacation, does it make you giddy with anticipation?

Does it make your heart soar? 

Will you have the journey your soul craves?

I help curious travelholics and intrepid adventurers find joy and amazement in unforgettable journeys, so that the wide-eyed wonder and fulfilment they get from travel fuels passion and imagination in their daily lives. 


I craft journeys for people who crave travel: bespoke experiences that enrich your relationships and create unforgettable memories while you enjoy the world’s treasures. Whether you are ready for excitement, a luxurious experience, or just a change of pace, then I am your travel expert.  Together we will collaborate to turn your dream into a vacation masterpiece; you’ll have peace of mind before, during and after the trip, and return home not wanting to leave your vacation behind.  You deserve the remarkable journey your soul desires, one that surpasses the ordinary.  Stop looking at the world through the eyes of others – see and feel its wonderment for yourself. Get whisked away!

What's Your Travel Style?

Our philosophy: To nurture close ties with each of you, and help you design opportunities to experience your lifelong dreams turned into reality.  With each journey we craft, you'll make memories with those you most care about, and return from your trip exhilarated and refreshed. We exist to create opportunities for you to experience fun, freedom and wonder. Let us show you the world.

Great Journeys. Fascinating Places. Discover a New Destination.

I have a fondness for being in new places, seeing new things, and designing and experiencing new adventures. I have traveled in Europe, North and Central America, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. I am excited to venture to Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Australia, and the rest of the world.  I know there is somewhere you want to go, some experience you want to feel, a wonderment and 'funfilment' you want to have instead of just reading about it or seeing it on a screen. It's time. Let us whisk you away.

Juliet Weller, Chief Gobetrotter

Your Travel Expert

Use the box below to ask a question or set up your free consultation.  'Why a consultation?', you ask.  Well, your vacation is more than where you want to go, what you want to see and how much you're willing to spend.  Your vacation is about the memories, the emotions and the experience - you already have expectations for your trip and the VERY least I can do is meet them.  The best I can do is surpass them in every way; I can't do that unless I understand your desires.  Let's get started.



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