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Why is Wellness Travel Becoming More Popular?

As I said last week, I’ll be staying on task with the wellness travel theme. Not only are we approaching the time of year when folks look at life and peer inward for the things that are working, not working, have room for improvement, need complete re-vamping, and perhaps wholesale discarding. Frequently, wellness/fitness emerge as areas for improvement – a continuation of last year’s promises to self. Maintaining optimal wellness and fitness spring from lifelong, long-term habits, and therein often lies the difficulty.

An inspired route to maintaining those habits? Combine them with your love of travel! If you’ve never considered a wellness getaway, then let’s dive into the possibilities. This is a thriving segment of the travel industry; a wellness vacation may make your gym lobby or yoga studio pale in comparison, but it’s not meant to. Consider it a way to elevate your regimen. Imagine art as therapy for clearing energy blocks and unlocking creativity through artistic expression; a yoga-themed shore excursion for improving balance; experiences that incorporate Native American treatments, plants or practices; digital detoxes; individualized hands-on cooking classes where you hone your cooking skills (food is medicine!) with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, home to the Culinary Arts Kitchen, or enroll in Chewton Glen’s The Kitchen, a cookery school in Hampshire, England; enjoy mindfulness while forest bathing, the practice of immersing oneself in nature; or balance your professional and personal life on an active family trip.

The spa at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Take a look at this information gathered from several surveys done by Virtuoso.

Top Wellness Travel Motivations

1. Stress and anxiety reduction 2. Rest and relaxation 3. Body/mind/spirit transformation 4. Getting away from it all 5. Spiritual renewal

Top Wellness Travel Activities

1. Meditation and mindfulness 2. Spa treatments

3. Yoga 4. Healthy eating 5. Outdoor adventures

Top Wellness Travel Destinations

1. United States 2. Bali 3. Thailand 4. Costa Rica 5. Italy

Top On-the-Rise Wellness Travel Destinations

1. Bhutan 2. Croatia 3. Vietnam 4. Portugal 5. South Africa

Top Emerging Wellness Travel Trends

1. Hotels with wellness amenities 2. Spiritual retreats 3. Mental wellness 4. Travel with a purpose 5. Developing skills in a wellness activity

In-Flight Fitness Tips

As you travel to your much-needed vacation, staying active on the plane is essential to your wellbeing. It’s important to move the spine and get the blood flowing in your legs. Walk t he aisle, twist from side to side, do some heel lifts – at least 20 to 50 of them – every couple of hours. While in your seat, make ankle and wrist circles. Wear compression socksto prevent the swelling and edema that can occur from a long-haul flight.

I’ve barely scratched the surface and there is much more to be enjoyed on your wellness vacation: mineral baths, water therapy, cryotherapy, oxygen facials, aerial yoga. Communicate your preferences to me and I will find your prefect destination. Welcome new things in 2021 and try them on for size. Perhaps more energy, better health and wellbeing, and a renewed spirit will be among those lifelong, long-term benefits that you never considered you’d reap from travels.

'til next week.


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