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Why a Private Villa is the Perfect Choice

Happy first week of August. August has always seemed like an in-between, I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-it month to me: summer is in decline, kids aren't back in school just yet (let's ignore the current uncertainties), and one may feel that one has not taken quite the advantage of summertime as one may have liked. Guess what...I'm pretty sure that's all in ''one's" head, so let's move full speed into August and continue to milk summer for all its worth. So what if you have to stand six feet away from other people? Get your sunscreen, roadmap, duffel bag, snacks and fave family members, then head out for a nowhere-near-your-last-hurrah of summer. Let's talk about private villas. 'Private' means you'll share the place and interact with no one other than whomever you decide to include on your vacation, very likely, family. It's a healthy, clean and safe environment. By 'villa' I mean a beautiful residence in a stunning location of your choice, with MORE than the comforts of home and all the amenities you choose. But why? Why a private villa? Glad you asked.

  • It's an opportunity to travel again and create summertime experiences and memories.

  • Customized activities - next-level experiences designed for you and your guests; every day is tailored to your interests and those of the group. Wine connoisseur? Enjoy a privately curated wine tasting, wine class, or fully stocked wine cellar. Little kids - how about a character breakfast with Disney, superheroes, or whomever, all while maintaining your family's safety. Your group, as the only guests, come first. No cookie-cutter activities. If there is a celebration afoot - a wedding, or a milestone event that begs for a reggae band - it's yours - just say the word.

  • Speaking of customization...would you like to have the pool area stocked with playthings for young children, and an aesthetician for a daily spa treatment? Do you want the expertise of a chef that specializes in a particular cuisine, and a nanny for the evenings?

  • Safety protocols per the Vacation Rental Management Association, whose standards cover the cleanliness of bedding, surfaces, staff, and more. Your Virtuoso-preferred travel advisor will ensure that your villa complies. Remember, if you rent a mystery location on your own, you'll be on your own.

  • A luxurious private villa rental provides better value than a resort of comparable standard.

  • Private luxury villas are located in destinations across the US year-round, as well as in Mexico and the Caribbean. Actually I can access over 125 locations on your behalf, but for now we'll focus on those that are open to US travelers. So whether you're seeking mountain tranquility, a beach escape or urban surroundings, there is a villa destination for you. In a few months a wintertime retreat might be the perfect holiday or ski vacation getaway.

There is still availability for this year so it's not too late to get the family together for an unforgettable 2020 summer. A stay in a private villa may never have crossed your mind, but novel times call for novel adaptations when you want to fulfill your 2020 travel dreams. And this is one way do it.

'til next week.

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