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What's Your Calling?

Hi there. I've been asked several times lately how I happened to get launched fully into travel advising.  It has been an evolution, one that I can see clearly now (hindsight being what it is) and the clues were there all along.  And this newsletter/blogging thing?  I never considered that I should be blogging about any of my other interests - running, nutrition, photography, personal training, primal/paleo/keto lifestyle - I figured that everything I knew was already available on the web so why write about it.  But travel?  Heck, now I won't shut up!

There are those among us who know their passion, their calling from a very young age, and then there's the rest of us who find it along the way.  One thing I am sure of is that we are all born to want to serve, affect, or brighten other lives in SOME way, and finding and implementing that 'way' eventually becomes the focus of our lives. When it doesn't, or cannot, all kinds of frustrations, arise.  Okay, none of this is new to you, I'm guessing, since you've been around the block more than once and aren't afraid to admit it. 

However, are you afraid to follow your calling?  All manner of things may keep us from its fruition: timing, time, family, career, and on, and on. When and how you explore and develop that calling is really up to you, but you were given that desire for a reason, and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to deny it. If you're lucky enough to be engaged in your calling for a living, you are truly blessed. Who doesn't want to have fun and get paid?? And if your job/career is completely separate from your passion and you love it, and then still get to exercise your passion outside of that, then double the joy the for you!

Clearly I'm not an expert in fulfilling one's calling, but I found this article by John Maxwell, reprinted in SUCCESS Magazine.  It's food for thought and we all need to be fed, right?

'til next week.

Sunset at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Don't let the sun set on your talents, your passion, your calling.

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