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What's an ACTIVE Safari?

Last week I sent you a reminder that there is someone in your circle to be celebrated soon. Graduation was the topic I chose, but I'm not about to limit your celebrations to any one individual or milestone. Milestones are plentiful in our lives and are not to be trivialized. Ask anyone whose milestone went unrecognized.

My suggestion for your celebratory vacation was a safari (did you check out the Wanderlist I gave you? There's a new one this week). Most people have a mental picture of a safari that is based on input from movies, TV, and photos such a those I included in my article. The safari I suggested was a luxury safari, defined by the accommodations you stayed in, and in the access, exclusivity and privacy of the services you receive.

What if your safari was also an active safari? Face it - many of us spend quite a bit of time every week staying fit and being active, even if it's 'just' a daily neighborhood walk, which is not to be discounted, by the way. When we travel, very often our fitness routine goes by the wayside temporarily, either out of necessity or by choice. Enter: the active vacation, You probably envision a safari as hours of sitting in a rugged all-terrain vehicle. Well, you'll do that too AND you can and hike, bike, paddle and often dive on safari among a vast array of animals and scenery, gain insight into traditional and contemporary culture from local villages, and have the full safari experience you already imagine.

As I did last week, I have included a Wanderlist with ideas for your active safari. It's in the last paragraph. Okay here we go...

  • A bike ride in the beautiful Great Rift Valley kicks off your adventure safari tour.

  • Walk the shore of Lake Manyara, a bird-watching haven famous for its pink flamingos.

  • A night hike where you can spot bat-eared foxes and leopards searching for prey.

  • Swim in your lodge’s mahogany-shaded pool or be pampered at its treetop spa.

  • Join a nature walk in Lake Manyara National Park, where buffalo, giraffe and baboon roam.

  • Then a healthy dinner beneath a canopy of stars.

That's just the first two days. Keep going:

  • Bike through serene farmland to the picturesque shores of Lake Mayara.

  • Hike in the lush Tanzanian highlands and tour a coffee farm.

  • A local naturalist and traditional healer shares tribal folklore and ancient legends around a Tembo fire.

  • Hike the Ngorongoro Crater caldera's forested rim for dramatic views of vast grasslands.

  • The Crater, is a World Heritage site teeming with incredible wildlife and beauty and the Big Five: lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo.

You'll reach the extraordinary Serengeti via a chartered flight for a stay on the only private reserve to border the Serengeti and Maasai Mara National Parks.

  • Explore wide-open savanna, forests and streams.

  • Join an interpretive bush walk to see herds of wildebeest and zebra.

  • Visit a traditional Maasai village to learn about their unique pastoral heritage and culture.

  • If you're a night-owl, take a moonlit game drive.

  • Early risers enjoy one last game walk or safari in the Serengeti before your private charter departs.

Almost any destination can be a place to enjoy an active vacation, so let's discuss the options for your favorite activity. It's not my job to tell you how to enjoy your vacation; it's my job to make sure you enjoy your vacation your way.

To get you started, check out this Wanderlist I created. You can add to it for yourself, customizing it with activities you'd like to do/see on your active safari. Dream about your trip, and share your Wanderlist with me. If you've forgotten what Wanderlist is, check it out here.

How cute is this?

'til next week.


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