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Well, THIS is Different...

...and immediately you notice that I've used that title before. It works so well, how can I not use it to grab your attention? And I reserve the right to use it again, by the way. I delight in shaking things up a bit, introducing the unexpected, making you say "hmmm...". I definitely don't want you to become overexposed and immune to your weekly dose of my

dry humor and witty banter; nor do I want to you think I know EVERYTHING there is to know about every destination, and all the solutions to every travel conundrum (see, I couldn't fix that whole airline thing last week), without input from many, many very knowledgeable sources and resources.

Feel free, as you always are to respond to this email, and let me know whether you enjoyed this adventurous interlude as a variation on my usual newsletter theme. And it's okay to let me know you didn't, as well.

So the fellow in the photo is a gargoyle that lives on the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. That's the French name (it's the same in English 😉). This week, not only is the format of your weekly content different from the typical, so is the actual content. This week, you're taking a virtual trip to Paris, France! If you've been there, you're welcome for the memories. If you haven't, then it's time to make some. Hit the "Start Planning" button to begin your journey (after you've clicked on the link above).

'til next week.


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