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Vacationing in Your Own 'Backyard'??

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

With winter outside our door, sometimes we get to thinking there's no way we want to go vacation in our backyard. Well, I'm speaking of our metaphorical backyard, which can be as "small" as the state we live in, or as large as the entire USA. Taking a trip within the US is appealing to more and more people now as the optimal vacation destination, as opposed to the iffy-ness of overseas travel, which in some cases may still be fraught with obstacles. You might be surprised just what you can experience right here 'at home.' Here are a few ideas of types of trips that might get your own ideas sparked, and next week I'll explore this topic further, and include a tool you can use to start the process.

1. Wine-tasting. I'm sure you know that most gals won't turn down a glass of wine, so getaways that focus on wine-tasting are always popular and well-received choices. Although California is still THE wine tasting destination (despite recent fire activity), it's not the only state with a thriving viniculture. Plus, imagine getting away to a different state every few months. Why limit yourself?

2. Somewhere romantic. When partners have the same definition of romantic, this one is easy, and it doesn't have to mean the same thing to any other couple. What's important is that you share it, or at least tolerate each other's idea of it, making sure each of you gets a turn at having it your way. Romantic getaways run the gamut from quiet B&Bs in the country to luxurious digs in the city or by the beach. Bring your ideas, or lack thereof to your travel advisor and let them flesh out the details. Did I really just say that?

3. Relaxation/Spa. This is a biggie right now. A year of stress and isolation might have taken its toll on your psyche (and body), and now a pampering spa break is just what the doctor is ordering. Call me Dr. Juliet. This self-indulgent but absolutely necessary treat would make you the envy of your friends. If you choose a non-spa but still relaxing getaway, selecting the destination that is right for you is key, since your definition of 'relax' is subjective. A destination where you can lie about, be quiet, read, not be pressured, enjoy scenery, gaze into the distance (or each other's eyes,) go for a walk, ride or drive might be your idea of the perfect experience. However, if relaxing means a few rounds of golf, colorful sunsets, or sailing, then know there are options your metaphorical backyard.

4. Sight-see/culture/food. A getaway that revolves around either of these three things is bound to be a ton of fun, and can be rolled into an escape of the "active relaxation" category. Thousands of destinations fit this bill - if there's food, there's likely to be a rich heritage of culture, arts, history, architecture, etc. Trips like this can be done as self-guided, or as escorted journeys.

5. Adventure. If your getaway is focused on adventure and excitement, pick your level of skill, participation, and area of interest and go for it. I doubt you can run out of things to do, or the places to do it. Your travel pro has access to specialists nationwide who can set up the fun the way you want it.

6. Road Trip. I explored the road trip concept more fully here, and encourage you to have it planned just as you would any other vacation. So check that out.

So who's ready for a backyard getaway? If it has been a while, then make the suggestion and watch the faces of your household light up at the thought of spending time away, making great memories and enjoying each other's company in a way that has not been enjoyed for many months. Your travel advisor can handle all the details, and you'll be making 'backyard' getaways a regular and frequent occurrence.

'til next week.


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-Juliet Weller, Founder

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