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Top Greek Island Vacation Destinations

Looking over rooftops to a sunset on the bay with a cruise ship

Greece has always been an ideal Mediterranean vacation destination. The pristine beaches, aquamarine water, rich history and culture, and vibrant sunsets make it the perfect tourist destination for couples who would like to create lifelong memories together. Of its over 1,400 islands only 230 are inhabited, so it can be hard to choose which to visit first. On a well-planned vacation you can visit several of these; 'well planned', means you allow enough time to enjoy each and travel between them by ferry or by air. Here are seven Greek island destinations to get your Mediterranean vacation dream started.

Best nightlife: Mykonos, also known as 'The Island of the Winds,' is world-renowned for their vibrant nightlife. Little Venice and Paradise Beach are popular party destinations where clothing is optional, and the LGBT scene is major. Go-go dancers, music, and parties where strangers are welcome typically last all night. July and August are the primary months for tourism and the wildest parties.

Best traditional village life: The island Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades and has a little over 6,500 inhabitants and a bit over 20 small villages. Naxos has ancient towers, paved streets, and has maintained its unique Venetian architecture alongside the typical Cycladic architecture: the whitewashed, cube-shaped houses for which the islands are famous Kastro, a hilltop castle dating to the 13th century, houses an archaeological museum.

Best kiteboarding and windsurfing: With gusty winds that can be seen from a mile away, Paros island is best known for kiteboarding and windsurfing sports goers. Santa Maria, Prassonisi, and Pounda are the main beaches where the sport is practiced.

Best beaches: Located in the Aegean Sea, Milos is a beautiful volcanic island that is rich in minerals as well as rich history. Firopotamos, Kastanas, and Paliorema are some top beach destinations in Milos. The white-washed Cycladic villages and black sands are picturesque backdrops. Although some may be only accessible by boat, there are over 80 mini beaches throughout Milos that you can explore.

Best for nature lovers: Rugged Ikaria has some of the World's most pristine and untouched nature territories. It has been identified as a 'blue zone': place that promotes life longevity and better overall health. Ikaria's residents are known to have a longer lifespan than the average human. Ikarians are almost entirely free of dementia and some of the chronic diseases that plague Americans. Sounds like a relaxing place to visit.

Best couples getaway: Folegandros does not get the crowded tourist scene as most Greek towns do. They have a broad selection of restaurants and cafes. Chora is the main village and has been preserved well, noting open landscapes and clifftop housing.

Best food: Cretan cuisine focuses on all-natural ingredients and can be enjoyed at any local tavern throughout the islands. Some dishes include Dakos, Gamopilafo, Mizithropita, and Apaki. Now you're all set! With a myriad of beautiful architecture, scenic waterfronts, and rich history. There is much to enjoy.

The Greek isles are to be savored, not rushed. You have seen the mesmerizing photos drawing you into the sunsets, the sunny beaches and brilliant blue skies. Let's start planning your Greek isle getaway.

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