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This is Different...

This week I'd like to do something a little different. Some of my clients and contacts receive periodic emails from Virtuoso that are sent on behalf of my company brand. These emails highlight destinations or stories about destinations selected specifically for that reader based on their travel interests. By the way if you'd like to receive informative, colorful, travel-inspiring emails (yes, other than my own gems), that are specific to your travel dreams, simply reply to this and I'll set you up.

I receive these emails, because, (who knew?) I also have travel interests! One such email contained a link to an article about Murano, Italy which is known for its tradition of glass blowing. I love glass art! I've enjoyed the experience of producing a glass piece myself when I lived in New Jersey. When I lived in Massachusetts, watching glass blowing demonstrations at Sandwich Glass Museum absolutely fascinated me.

It's your lucky day! Whether you want to go to Murano, or not; maybe you like glass art, maybe you don't; perhaps you're tired of reading my stuff and could use a break. This is your chance.

Complete with photos, history and travel inspiration, now you can "Go Behind the Scenes with Murano's Glass Blowers." Enjoy.

'til next week.


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