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The Three Reasons You've Been Waiting For

I'm quite excited. So much so, it was difficult to decide what to tell you about in this week's letter. First, my 1/2-acre Garden of Eden has begun to bloom. It's a sign that winter is over and summer is juuuuust about here. "Where's spring?" you ask. Well, it stopped by for a little, but frankly that unexpected 18-degree deep-freeze we had one night in April kind of dampened, (read 'destroyed') some of the spring blooming potential. My early summer blooms are bustin' out and I love it. In case you don't know, when I'm not working on clients' itineraries, or traveling, I'm tending the garden.

Now that restaurants have permission to re-open here in Colorado, it seems that people's moods are lifting somewhat. Perhaps with an improved outlook it will be easier for folks to get about the business of getting back to business.

Which brings me to my second reason to be excited, and my confession...we invited another couple over for drinks yesterday. Yes, other humans came to our house! Up until now only the UPS man has rung our doorbell. We tried to choose wisely: these folks have remained at home for nigh on the full isolation, as we have, because they are in the 'at risk' age group. We figured they were a safe bet, and they judged us the same.

Have you made any overtures out of the house just for the fun of it? Do you have dates on your calendar for your first-next vacation? That's a must; it feels as exciting as the anticipation of date-night, or the rewards of Christmas morning when you were a child. And it's the third reason for my excitement. If you feel there is too much lingering trepidation around the idea of travel right now, how do you feel about something for next year? Does that feel less risky? NOW is a fantastic time to make the booking for your first-next trip.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Because if you're still reeling from the disappointment of a lost vacation this year, putting a plan in place will re-kindle the excitement. A winter vacation for skiing, or sunbathing; a spring trip for tulip time; summertime exploration of the country and culture of your ancestors. Imagine it! The trip can be fully designed, and dates left open for now, if you wish, but I highly recommend we make the reservations, because you can...

2. Take advantage of the very flexible scheduling policies being offered. Travel providers world-wide are aware that you may find it difficult to commit time, funds and emotional bandwidth to traveling again. Allowances for changing the dates on sailings, tours, and even flights now exist where once they didn't, even as far into the future as 2022. Doesn't that make it easier to book with confidence?

3. Because you're not the only one. Hundreds of thousands of travelers worldwide have received credits for cancelled events in 2020. Already, they have started to rebook their vacations on the 2021 calendar, which means that the longer you wait the mor```e likely it will be that your preferred dates are taken. I've already seen it happen. Availability is therefore at an all-time high.

My last three newsletters contain suggested itineraries to consider when you feel it's time to gather up the family, bestie, or significant other for a test ride into the sunset, or even that dream vacation you've put off until 'someday'. 'Someday' will be upon you before you know it - those three itineraries are a smidgen of the innumerable trips and routes we can design together. If a U.S. vacation is not your desire, know that international destinations are beginning to unfold their wares. Currently, the U.S State Department still has a Global Health Warning of Level 4: Do Not Travel, but it doesn't stop the vacation planning process.

If you can't decide on the 'where', I can guide you. I have all the info on safety practices and requirements, what's opening in which countries and when, availability, access, sailings, and ports-of-call, private villas, ranches and tours, so that your adventure is guaranteed all the fun and frivolity of a kid on Christmas morning.

'til next week.

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