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The Luxury of Glamping - It's Not For Sissies

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Have you gone glamping yet? I chose to phrase it that way instead of "Have you glamped?" because "what the heck is that?" would be your response. But 'glamping' you've heard. No it's not what glammas (glamorous grandmas) do; but they could. Anyone can. And there is no shame in glamping...guys. Perhaps camping is the very reason you don't go camping...the equipment, the know-how you don't have, the insects, the thought of unhappy campers in your group. If camping is your jam, then you definitely need to try glamping - it's like camping, on steroids...steroids of luxury. I'm saying this is a good thing. Glamping makes happy campers.

Glamping is a direct descendant these two entities: the need, the desire to, or the insistence by someone else that you go camping; and its often exact opposite: the luxury experience. You're wondering how such serendipity evolved, and with your name on it, to boot; who had the limitless foresight to know that you love the outdoors, but hate 'outdoorsy'; that you love to spend time with friends and family in the beauty of nature, but need your eye-mask, lavender-scented pillow, and Egyptian cotton sheets at bedtime. That you don't mind a romantic night under the stars, but come morning a warm shower, hazelnut latte and morning paper (or website) are essential to getting your day started. Funny you should ask.

The original glampers were 16th Century aristocracy and royalty. You've seen them in movies traveling across the countryside with full horse-drawn entourage in tow, complete with goblets of wine, a full staff, and velvety accoutrements as if reluctant to leave behind the comforts of home. Considering that home was a stone-cold castle, their version of glamping was probably better. In the 20th Century, wealthy Brits and Americans on safari in Africa wanted all the adventure and none of the roughing it that goes with the wilderness. Luxurious mobile camps developed; "from electric generators, to folding baths, and cases of champagne, travelers were afforded every domestic luxury while on adventure, " says Wikipedia.

Glamping requires more than just a fancy tent, mind you. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts. Typically, your vacation is way you experience a lifestyle that isn't your own day to day, and glamping is no different.

And yes, you can go glamping all over the world, when the time is right: India, Patagonia Southeast Asia, Peru, New Zealand to name a few - it's really a long list, as you can imagine. As things stand now, your glamping trip is probably best enjoyed right here in the US. Here's what you can expect from your luxurious outdoor experience: three-, four-, or five-star accommodations under the stars, plush king and queen beds, gourmet food at every meal, and even controlled climate. Be as active as you wish - hiking, biking, fishing, off-roading, water sports, wildlife and bird watching, wellness activities - or not at all. Get off the grid and avoid being connected, or remain accessible to the world.

Select your deluxe campsite from one of three flavors - I'll call them premium, luxury and ultimate glamping, akin to star ratings. You can choose an all-inclusive glamp, or room-only. Your home away from home can be a canvas tent, a yurt, tipi, an RV, lodge, cabin or a covered wagon. Glamping can feel like your own 5-star resort in private, scenic locations, and private chef, and exclusive amenities, or you can choose to be truly out in the wilderness. Your destination can be a National Park, a wilderness lodge, or a luxury ranch - there are locations in almost every state. Private, shared, couples, small-group, and family trips for as many as 15 people are available from $150 per night, to well over $10,000. Adding those other 14 people to your adventure is a great way to have your deluxe glamping vacation, while keeping the cost manageable.

What makes glamping perfect right now? It's great for post-COVID social distancing and isolation; if you choose the RV option, long days of driving are much more comfortable; and if you hanker for the great outdoors AND comforts better than home you can have both - a luxury camp is the perfect place to spend your days and your nights.

If you don't know where to begin planning such a thing, you don't have to. Stress-free glamping is the goal of my Virtuoso partners and I. Even just a short glamp added seamlessly to an otherwise non-glamp vacation will be an experience your family has not ever had, but are sure to rave over once we include the right excursions and activities to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

'til next week.

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