The Dream Vacation They Needed... Together

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The Smiths decided it was time to spend quality time with their far-flung family: Son, Daughter-in-law (DIL) and four grands. Too much time had passed, not just between visits, but between meaningful, memorable family moments. It was time for a vacation together. Granny Smith (not her real name!) really wanted an Alaska cruise, but it wasn’t the right time of year, and so she and Gramps offered to take the family to a sunny, fun destination where the kids could run free and the adults could relax and enjoy stress-free ‘me’ time, family time, outings and sunshine. DIL's Mom and Dad were invited to join the troupe, and the whole gang of ten vacation-hungry travelers went off to frolic together on a dream vacation. Who created this masterpiece? Their delightful, knowledgeable and attentive travel advisor, of course. She custom-designed a vacation to Grandma's desires. What was in this dream-turned-masterpiece?

They needed a re-set. Gran wanted the time together to be special for each of them, a special vacation, something that they didn't know was possible, that they never considered for themselves; her family was very special to her, and she wanted to obliterate the difficulties of the past year, or at least obscure them for a small while. She wanted to escape. DIL's Mom and Dad were invited to join the troupe, and the whole gang of ten vacation-hungry travelers went off to frolic together on a dream vacation. Who created this masterpiece? Their delightful, knowledgeable and attentive travel advisor, of course. She custom-designed the escape to Gran's specifications. What was in this dream-turned-masterpiece?

Luxurious accommodations – a three-bedroom family suite at a luxury spa resort. On arrival they were greeted by a smiling staff-member offering refreshingly cold, moist, lemon-scented towelettes, and chilled bottled water. The spacious suite itself was grandly appointed, the bedding plush and inviting, and the view from their terrace sitting area was breathtaking. Son and DIL were relieved that they had taken the recommendation of their travel advisor, who had requested the Baby Concierge package on their behalf. It had allowed them to leave behind several baby-care items that would have added to their travel load. The package also accommodated their toddler with a step stool so that she could reach the bathroom lav. How thoughtful!

The details - the Smiths took some time to review dietary restrictions with their 24hr concierge, who diligently notified the resort's restaurants; he also provided suggestions for excellent family adventures and proceeded to make the reservations once they made their choices. He informed them that whenever the family had questions or needed a helping hand, he would be there to assist.

Meaningful family time – on the days that the family didn’t take a local excursion, the children splashed in the gentle surf with their parents or played indoors in the supervised Kids Club, while the adults used their daily resort credits to enjoy relaxing spa treatments, or lounge by the sparkling pool. The family’s pandemic fears were allayed when they were told that their poolside cabana was for their dedicated use during their stay, and that no other family would be using it. The resort was sparsely populated anyway, due to health and safety restrictions in effect, but that made it feel more exclusive and relaxing, thankfully, and the staff were available to shower the group with hospitality.

Meals that were a breeze. Daytime family dining in the open-air restaurant with a view of the ocean; dinners in a variety of cuisines – one night, fabulous French gourmet; on another, Asian fusion. The entire family loved Italian food so that was a hit; a night of local artisan cuisine connected with the deep roots of the country’s heritage was Grandpa Smith’s favorite.

Time to re-connect - One evening, with their children in the care of a baby sitter, Son and DIL and the grandparents cherished some private time to reconnect, each couple enjoying their own private romantic dinners on their own terrace, attended to by caring waitstaff serving custom-ordered meals and the finest of libations.

Along the way, DIL decided that she wanted to share this experience with her best friend. She put Best Friend in contact their delightful travel advisor, who made the travel arrangements and reserved a wellness suite based on their discussion. Best Friend arrived eager for a relaxing soak in her terrace jacuzzi, but when she spied the elliptical machine in her room, that was her first stop - a great way to energize after her travels. She had not realized that her suite's minibar would not contain 'junk' food or alcohol, but she was glad it didn't - how insightful of the resort to accommodate its health-conscious guests that way.

Fun, memories, luxurious surroundings, relaxation, pampering, immersive cultural enrichment, gourmet cuisine, sun, surf and family time. These were the ingredients of the dream-turned-reality for the Smith family. What does your dream vacation look and feel like?

'til next week.

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