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Ten Links for Spicing Up Your Online Life

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I've got some fun times for you this week. If like me you spend a lot more time online than you used to, AND you have a hankering to resuming your worldly travels, I highly recommend these ten do-anytime mini-vacations: live-stream webcams that whisk you away right now (or whenever). I hope you have as much fun watching them as I did checking these out for you. Volume up.

St Mark's Basin, Venice, Italy As you can imagine, St Mark's Basin and the Grand Canal, usually teeming with tourists is now...not.

Lake Tahoe, Homewood, CA. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the US. It's a little chilly there now - you might want to put on a coat. has live-cams in dozens of locations that you can watch anytime.

Times Square, New York, NY. Also no longer the hub of activity that it used to be. Still, take a look. If you have never been, NYC is worth a visit, even if just once to say you've been. I worked there for six months and loved it.

Gengda Valley Panda Yard. Sooooo much cuteness. These roly-poly babies are hilarious to watch. At this link, there are other panda yard cams you can view.

Monterey Bay Aquarium will bring you to the brink of afternoon nap-ness. There are nine cameras here, for a change of sea-life scenery.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone NP. There are eight static cameras and one livestream cam. The next predicted eruption of the geyser is displayed.

Sydney Harbor. A view of the Sydney Opera House. Last time I checked there were lots of boats out despite the gray skies.

Mountain Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read the blurb in the "Information" box below the feed that describes some of the daily activities of the gorillas. Cool jungle noises are heard intermittently, so keep your sound on.

If you're a fan of the Grand Ole Opry, you visit the lineup of concerts that livestream on social media platforms

Aurora Borealis. This is a catch-as-catch-can proposition, since the Northern Lights are not a 24-hour constant. This camera is in a prime location for viewing the show when it does occur. The best time of the year: February and March, so you're right on time.

Come back and grab a new link every now and then, or find some of your own that thrill you. What are some of your own favorite livestream webcams?

'til next week.


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-Juliet Weller, Founder

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