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So what's in it for you?

Think back to last week's newsletter where I mentioned I would be attending Virtuoso Travel Week. Well, it's in the history books now, and my mind is exploding with new ideas and with memories of the past week. I am ever so grateful for the connections with my like-minded partners, and new friends. I walked past this colorful display at least 3 times a day this week, and now it is a quiet reminder of all the smiles, intense work and excitement we shared. I'm still smiling.

Circling back to the title of this week's newsletter.. So what's in it for you? Read on and find yourself in your personalized, once-in-a-lifetime (or more often!) dream vacation.

Transfer via expertly guided white-water rafting trip from the local airport to your hotel in the cool mountain rainforest of Costa Rica; or take a helicopter. Enjoy your luxurious tree-house accommodations complete with plunge pool and butler!

Want to sail the South Seas like a movie star? Let me help you select a cruise line doing its part for the planet's sustainability: no more single use plastics on board, and alternative fuel not fossil fuel propels the ship. You still get a luxe experience and passengers under 17 sail with you at no extra cost. Wait, what?

Become certified to assess the health of a coral reef and to treat it. It helps if you already are a diver, but if not, they will teach you that too.

Observe the Northern Lights during the next two years of peak solar activity, which will make the light shows more intense and more frequent. Iceland is only five hours from New York City!

No vacation is complete without great food. Visit a gorgeous coastal town in Spain with 64 Michelin star restaurants. It is close enough to France that we can add it to that vacation itinerary, no problem.

Embark on a safari that isn't just about glimpsing the big five. Enjoy a luxurious tented camp in Tanzania with an award-winning company succeeding in land conservation, species preservation, and the education and employability of the local people.

Is Patagonia on your list? Just do it. Disconnect and reconnect in South America's high desert. Relax, or be active, and be inspired by the beautiful surroundings.

Explore destinations mentioned in the Bible. Why? My raison d'être as a travel advisor is to help you experience for yourself the places you've only seen on a screen or read about in a book, and that's one very famous book. Ephesus, Jordan, Petra, Egypt, Thessaloniki,'s a long list. The Middle East is full of fascinating destinations, not the least of which is that new kid on the block, Dubai.

Meet Princess Diana's fashion designer in a private experience.

Live the scenes of Harry Potter on a private nighttime tour.

Sail on a pirate ship on the Thames.

Going to Wimbledon? Not just tickets, but the full Wimbledon experience for your comfort and maximum enjoyment. Add on a hotel stay in London's Knightsbridge area, overlooking Hyde Park from your rooftop terrace.

Maybe I haven't mentioned your particular interest, but this newsletter is just a tease, I admit. The Virtuoso partners and I are ready and waiting to plan your next thrilling, relaxing, fulfilling, peaceful, eye-opening, life-changing vacation experience. Click the green button.

'til next week.


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