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Mysterious New Zealand

New Zealand Lake Ota

New Zealand is a country of contrasts and mysteries. I can't find a word to describe New Zealand; not a single word. Nor can I find the right word to entice you to see it's wonders. True, there are many, many words I can use, but a single one? I am open to suggestions.

New Zealand is fiery volcanoes, ancient glaciers, the mysterious haka, five times as many sheep as there are people. Its name in the indigenous Maori language is Aotearoa, meaning " land of the long white cloud". This week in place of my usual content, with the help of my good friends at Approach Guides, you have an inspiring collection of brief articles, audio and video files in which to immerse yourself. Watch the rare brown kiwi and how sheep herding dogs work; observe a haka master teaching a class and learn its intriguing significance; learn phrases and greetings in Te Reo Māori, the Maori language, and its resurgence following efforts to keep it alive. Culture, history, geography, time-lapse photography and more, all here in one easy-to-consume collection.

Click here: and take a break from your day to enjoy this compelling collection; then let's start planning your New Zealand adventure.

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'til next week.


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