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My Top Three Travel Must-haves

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

What won't you leave home without?

Did you see my Instagram post last week?  I asked you what three items you never leave home without when you travel, and told you that I tell you mine in today's newsletter. 

Why only three?  Well, I thought this should be like packing for a trip - include only what you need, be efficient and conserve space. Also, in thinking about what your items are, I didn't want you to include absolute necessities like meds, or basic toiletries. Must-haves should be items that others might consider optional or elective, but for you, uh-uh, no way, may as well stay home.

Okay, so what are mine? I'll be brief: first, a power-pack for my electronics. I think this goes without saying in this day and age.  There's nothing worse than watching the power icon on your phone dwindle down to nothing, knowing that you're going to need mapping, or urgent phone call/messaging capability. Most packs come equipped with multiple connectors for different peripherals. Even if you find an idle wall socket you really want to waste time sitting around waiting for your device to charge? Okay if you don't get one, at least get a fast-charger - it reduces charging time for most phones (i.e., from 0% to 100% charge) from several hours, to a couple at most. I love my fast charger and never use anything else, even at home.

Second item, a travel neck pillow - and not just any pillow. I love this one.  I'm not paid to recommend them, I just love the configuration. Plus, because I'm a bed pillow snob - I'm not fond of gigantic, firm or deep pillows - if the pillow on my hotel bed or host's guest bed annoys me, this minimalist baby serves me perfectly. Also, it's can be an eye mask AND sleep pillow at the same time. Think of those (hopefully rare) times you have a several-hour layover, eh? The link above is from Amazon, but you can buy directly from the maker. Search the web - there are a bazillion configurations of travel pillow - some you'd never expect, far removed from the usual U-shaped horse-collar version.

Lastly - and this took some thought to make sure I narrowed the choices so as not to unload my suitcase on you: a lightweight fleece, a shawl or other cover-up. Do I really have to 'splain this one? Outdoors on a cool evening; a chilly restaurant/airplane/conference room; unexpected cool weather; a sunset boat sail - you get it.

Oops, one more - a spare, compact, foldable bag for extra stuff I acquire. Yeah, even if it means checking another bag. Haven't you ever packed for the trip home with more stuff than you arrived with? I'm gonna say yes. It's like your stuff expanded when you weren't looking. A small duffel or tote makes it easier to carry the souvenirs, trade show items, stuff from the shopping trip with your sister, than trying to stuff them into an already too-heavy suitcase or carry on. Jus' sayin'.

Okay - I squeezed in an extra must-have.  But I've learned the hard way. 

What's on your must-have list? Make sure you take them when you pack for Los Cabos!

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