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Look Around. What Do You See?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

How are things in your corner? My corner is starting to warm up with the advent of spring, and with that come the birds! The robins and finches have been here a while, and the nesting pair of red-tail hawks is back in their huge eyrie. Then the swarms of raucous blackbirds arrived. They're now displaying themselves and nest-building. There are no babies yet (their squeals and cheeps will be VERY audible), and once they fledge, most of the swarm will be gone by late May into June.

Didn't know you'd get a bird update this week, did you? Neither did I. But I am feeling 'gratitudinous' this week. No, that's not a word. Did you see my newsletter a few weeks ago - Silver Linings? It was actually one of my favorite pieces to write. Despite the weird times, I hope that you too have received/seen/experienced something you feel positive about. I've found some more positives we can attribute to '19', and I didn't intend to ramble on about them, but guess what...I am. You might even be in here somewhere; I'll start with the most obvious. For all those once-ignored “essential workers” who are keeping America going, ensuring we are safe, healthy, stocked up, and checking out. For all who keep our trash picked up and disposed of; for shipping and delivery people, warehouse workers, auto mechanics, truckers and transporters, food processors and manufacturers, and providers of public utilities; strained medical workers, custodial workers, hospital management teams, IT workers, data processors and transcriptionists, EMTs, ambulance drivers, cafeteria workers. If I have missed some, let me know about it, please.

Our hidden talents have escaped, and we have unleashed our creativity. Typically, we move past people on a daily basis without any consideration for who they I right? We don't wonder what drives them, how well they sing, what they used to do before they were a policeman or what they do in their spare time. We don't know of their operatic voice, skilled musical talent or artistic eye. However, almost daily now, we catch a glimpse of the passion, artistry and creative expression that used to be invisible to us.

Planet Earth gets a breather. We said we didn't have time to stop and take care of global degradation. Mother Nature said, "Here, this virus might help".

I can't take credit for that...I saw it on social media somewhere. But really, it can't hurt to have a cleaner home, right? Just looking for the positive spin here.

People have stepped up - the "helpers" who are shopping for friends and neighbors, the mask makers, neighborhood lawn musicians, and restaurant owners providing meals without earning a penny - like logistical visionary and founder of World Central Kitchen, Chef Jose Andres, who feeds thousands every day. Andres said, that in situations like this "...inequalities manifest themselves exponentially," in that they become more obvious and harder to ignore. Things like the unavailability of medical care for certain population who are already at risk; hopefully, getting slapped in the face with the magnitude of our societal problems will spur us to make permanent improvements. We'd be grateful for that, no?

The pandemic is also an equalizer. Do you notice that whenever there are unpleasant goings on going on in the world, it's usually somewhere else, and by that I mean overseas: Syrian innocents living in bombed-out homes; Venetian treasures flooded; Ebola. Well this one is different - it's pretty much everywhere at the same time, for everyone. Except for the World Wars, I can't think of an event or occurrence affecting the whole world at once. Correct me, or refresh my memory...I don't mind. The disease is affecting EVERYONE in some way, and can afflict ANYONE - homeless, elite, young, old, strong and weak.

Having brought that up, I am reminded of something I saw earlier this week: that we are in the same storm, but NOT the same boat. We are not all experiencing the pandemic in the same way. "We're all in this together" may be the Covid-19 anthem, and yes we are. Most are at home, and safe; stir-crazy but safe. For others, the loss is crippling: loss of friends and family (for some, in multiples); loss of security (job, business, home, car, sobriety, main bread-winner); loss of normalcy, sobriety, expectations, hopes and dreams. So even in being glad for the positives, I am reminded that everyone isn't feeling the same things I am.

I am grateful for you - for the role you are playing in your own community, or workplace, or family. I can't see what you're doing, but you're probably in this newsletter somewhere. And while we are obviously not able to travel right now, I’m grateful for my community of prospects, clients and friends who share the dream of exploring the world again, as soon as it is safe. And it will be. Your patience, support, and flexibility have truly been a blessing during this time.

'til next week.

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