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Life as Vacation

Have you had a lot of time on your hands? I have, and it's great. Last year my travel planning schedule was packed (I love that!), and this year it has not been quite as jammed up. At first, I was mystified at what to do - I was either "There's SO much I need to catch up on, where do I begin?" or "I'm bored out of my gourd, what should I do?" Fortunately, my creative streak took over and I've been able to 'make'. I'm a maker, descended from a line of makers. I get to make and get better at making without feeling guilty that I'm taking time away from 'more important' things. It's quite freeing to feel like you own your time isn't it? It's like being on vacation!!! Your vacation is the opportunity to adopt a lifestyle other than your own. You get to do, be and feel in ways you do not the rest of the year: lazy, free-wheelin', adventurous, do new things, wake when you want, have someone else deal with meal prep, enjoy surroundings you wish you lived in, see scenery that you don't see every day, live in rooms you don't have to clean. If vacation was just like your 'normal' everyday it wouldn't be a vacation; it would be home. As much as we appreciate the safety and comforts of home, most of us have 'home overload' this year (yet thankfully so, remembering that there are those not blessed that way).

Have you found ways to stay entertained? I say 'entertained' instead of 'busy' because you probably are busy, but entertained means you are finding distracting, enjoyable, fun new things to occupy your time. Each of my readers has a different situation; all of you will get the same newsletter this week, so I'm trying to inspire you in all of your diversity. Travelers are curious explorers; even from home, you can find ways to be inspired, and enjoy activities that illuminate and teach. There are many activities that don't normally interest us, so we don't participate, right? How about doing those things this summer for a change of pace, like a vacation?

  • Go to the zoo - more fun than most grown-ups expect.

  • Visit all the museums in your town/city/county - they're not just about Monet, you know. When you run out of those, explore the historical locations in your state. Take lots of pictures.

  • Gardening. Let me elaborate: for you, that might be a new terra cotta pot with a veggie, herb, annual or shrub. It doesn't have to be a major investment, or a 1/2 acre of elaborate perennials and high-maintenance shrubbery. For me, gardening is very rewarding, cathartic, and energizing - even if I'm just pulling weeds. For some, just learning to identify the weeds from the good stuff is a big accomplishment; and it is.

  • Change your your point of view. Try Window Swap.

  • Have you read "War and Peace' yet? Me neither.

  • I've heard that baking bread has become a thing - go ahead.

  • If bread is not your jam, take up a new sport or habit - early-morning walks or rides; finally commit to learning chess like you've meant to for years; dust off the exercise DVDs that are still in their original packaging; how's that Mandarin/Polish/Swahili lesson coming along? Have you completed that online class in trading options?

  • Find a local nonprofit or volunteer agency that needs help. You will meet some new people working toward a common goal - just like the people you meet around the pool or on a tour during your vacation (social distancing not withstanding).

  • Is there a corner of your state you've never seen? Go. Is there a city in your state you're not super-familiar with? Spend a weekend there and explore it. Tell me about it and you could be the next guest writer of the Global Exotic Adventures newsletter. (I'm not joking!)

  • Go to the place that lets you catch the sun rising, or setting. Or both.

  • Order a meal from a restaurant you've NEVER been to. Oh, if you like to eat you probably like to cook - attempt a new cuisine, or master one if you haven't yet.

  • Eat ice cream from a cone. If there isn't an ice cream place open where you live then go to the store and buy what you need. Have an ice cream cone for dinner.

  • Change the surroundings you usually dine in - turn off the lights and use candles instead; put on some dinner music; dress up and use the good china; have a picnic.

  • If you haven't dined out yet, do it.

  • If you can swing it, treat yourself to some plush new bedding, like in a fancy hotel room. Oooh, I like that idea.

  • Call a travel advisor and start planning a dream vacay for 2021. A TA's expertise will elevate your trip in unexpected ways, not to mention protect your investment. You'll notice that I saved the best for last.

My message: although we may be bound to one spot for the sake of safety (if you're not, call me!) we don't have to be bored, ill-at-ease, stagnant, uninspired or over-Zoomed. We can take advantage of this lull in life in so many ways. Your calendar for next year is likely quite blank, and I can help with that while keeping you within your comfort level. My job is to inspire you wherever you are until I can inspire you to be where you want to be. 'til next week,

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