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Is There a 'Black Friday" for Travel?

Yes Virginia, the IS a Black Friday for travel! My email box has been blowing up this week with all kinds of wonderful travel offers. If you have been reading my newsletters for some time, you probably know that I don't advertise or offer 'deals' from travel providers. Have you wondered why?

Deals are everywhere. Deals are easy. Deals exist to draw in as many people as possible. But is that really what you want in a luxury vacation? I understand when a quick and effortless getaway is just what your psyche needs. I've been on the receiving of a 'grab it and go as fast as I can' type of trip. I'm not saying they're bad, I'm saying they're not what I do, which is why I don't serve them up designing your adventure. What I create instead are high-touch, immersive stress-free experiences that let you establish and reinforce personal connections, refresh and revitalize yourself, by inspiring indelible memories and miles of smiles. Have you seen a deal on those?

Many of my travel partners, however, have come up with special incentives for encouraging you to take a journey sooner rather than later. Unlike most Black Friday deals that you can take home and enjoy immediately, or pick up from your doorstep freshly delivered, most of these you won't 'use' until next year. They make unforgettable gifts, and oh the joy these one-of-a-kind treasures will bring! Take a look at some of the places you can visit. Have you been thinking about any of these for a "what am i waiting for?" vacation

To name a few: Jamaica, St Lucia, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Central & South American countries, all of Europe, Canada, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, and Utah. You can relax on a rail journey through London, Paris and Amsterdam; Paris, Avignon and Nice; Alaska, or across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto. Is a lovely casita in Scottsdale or a lakeside cabin in Montauk your style? Oh I know...a tented camp in the wildlife-rich gamelands of the Maasai Mara and Serengeti.

I'm not done: go globetrotting overwater to the Greek Isles, Baltic Sea, French Polynesia, Fiji and the Maldives. There are free nights, cabin upgrades, private retreats, private resort residences, villas, condominiums and expansive suites. Have you been to Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Japan or Australia?

If not now when? Did I not mention that special place you've been thinking about? I bet Global Exotic Adventures has a 'road map' to get you there in 2023. I've started a Wanderlist here; I've added things you probably had no idea were available to you. You can add your own ideas or start your own list and fill it with all the wondrous adventures you can think of for the upcoming year. Share it with me - I'm excited to see it!

'til next week!


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