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Is An Active Vacation For You?

I'm on the road again as I write this. It's been a slow travel year for me, so I had to feed the craving. My choice is a small island at north latitude 17.7426, and that's the only hint I'm giving.

So let's talk about your next adventure. Have you considered an active vacation? If you're a physically active person, pick your favorite activity or sport and make a vacation out of it. If you want to be a physically active person, this could be your incentive to engage, build your ability, then reward yourself with a with a wonderful experience to commemorate your achievement. My adventure vacations center around running full or half-marathons in new places, and tagging on some extra days of exploration for fun and recovery.

Some destinations presume the activity of choice: Switzerland means skiing; however, you could shake things up by hiking the quintessential Swiss alpine meadows and sparkling lakes, instead. If you're not quite a hiker yet, then a walking vacation might be your speed. If biking is your thing, then Scotland, Portugal and Sicily are prime, and it doesn't get any more incredible than in New Zealand's south island. It's even possible to customize the intensity level of the activity, especially if you plan this as a family trip. A multi-generational celebration of the outdoors that allows everyone to participate without frustration or injury, can include your kids as young as four, and well into adulthood.

Multi-adventure trips incorporate more than one activity - kayaking, biking and hiking - all together now. Both Chile and New Zealand are excellent destinations for sailing, kayaking past penguins, and hiking spectacular vistas. If you'd like to explore Asia in a low-keyed human-powered way, then do a bike, yoga, or walk/hike exploration of beautiful Bhutan, the Hawaiian islands or Bali, exotic India, or Cambodia. Invite your friends along so they don't have vacation envy.

Right here in the good ol' USA, the best national parks of all beckon you to enjoy all the above activities. If you have no idea how to go about finding the right trip for you, then find a travel advisor that's right for you. Excursions like these are available all over the world - you're not left to fend for yourself, and you don't have to rough it if that's not your thing. After the day's exertion, you deserve rest, pampering, relaxation, recovery, and the camaraderie of your fellow sojourners as you recount the day's adventure and enjoyment.

Consider experiencing an active adventure.

'til next week.

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