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For You: One of My Preferred Tools for Your Personal Use

In my last article I offered some ideas for vacation getaways right here in the US. You may have ideas of your own that I didn't mention for romantic, adventurous, relaxing, beachy, mountain, snow-sport, Americana-filled, culinary breakaways from the everyday. What are they? You can email me at and and let me know. Maybe you could write about them in an article for my website...that would be cool. No pressure, but I know you have travel stories to tell.

I also promised you a tool you can use yourself for booking a stay in the US. Actually you can use it to book hotels anywhere in the world that Virtuoso has preferred partners, which is everywhere.

Why would you need this? Autonomy, for one; you are the master of your hotel stay. Or, as I have found, sometimes a client doesn't want to 'bother' me with their "I just need a hotel" trip. I don't mind the 'bother', of course, but this tool is an alternative you are welcome to use.

The advantages?

  • The security of knowing each hotel that is a Virtuoso member is individually vetted for quality, location, service, and exclusivity before it receives the Virtuoso stamp of approval...from intimate island retreats and urban hideaways to sprawling oceanfront resorts, private villas, ultra-luxe safari camps, and more.

  • You’ll receive perks and amenities that are not offered to other guests who booked their stay without going through a Virtuoso advisor. How's that for exclusivity? For example, Virtuoso travelers receive bonuses like

· Exclusive amenities and experiences

· Room upgrades (when available)

· Breakfast daily for two

· Dining, resort, or hotel credits

· Early check-in and late checkout (when available)

Clink the link below and bookmark it for future (or present!) use. Using the link doesn't exclude you from my services. I am a mere phone call away and you never have to wait on hold. Let me know your travel dreams even after you've self-booked a deluxe stay at a Virtuoso-preferred hotel on your own, and I can help you experience the best of the best in travel with personalized planning of those unforgettable moments you didn’t even know were possible.

'til next week.


Did you miss any of my articles? They are all here.

I create expertly designed, transformative vacations for people who crave immersive travel. If you’re too busy to take time to plan the details of your own well-deserved escape, don't know where to begin, or are longing to make unforgettable memories with those you love, then don’t wait another day. Let's talk.

-Juliet Weller, Founder

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