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Five Ways to Vacation Like a VIP

A couple on board a ship toasting with glasses of champagne

Amazing getaways and VIP experiences aren’t only reserved for A-listers.

Virtuoso travel advisors and hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators specialize in luxury and ultraluxe travel, and can make every traveler feel like Oprah on a wellness retreat.

As a matter of fact, many advisors discreetly work with their own celebrity clientele – but we’ll never spill their secrets.

Here, a quick look at a few of the OMG-level upgrades we can handle. Remember, you can’t make yourself a VIP.

1. Fly private 

For some, continent-hopping via private jet is the epitome of luxury travel. Virtuoso advisors can book everything from a quick transfer on a private Cessna to your own private villa rental in the Caribbean to an extravagant, around-the-world journey on a Boeing 757 that calls on many destinations over the course of a few weeks. Expect lie-flat seats, an onboard executive chef, and even an on-call physician.

2. Rent your own island

Nothing keeps the paparazzi (real or (imaginary) at bay like an ocean.

Check into your own modern villa on a private New Zealand island – the helicopter is on standby in case you tire of the ocean trampoline, hiking trails, or fleet of water toys at your disposal.

Or, celebrate a milestone by having your advisor book a closer-to-home private island retreat in the Bahamas.

3. Skip the line

I regularly provide this for clients when and where available, or have it created when it isn't. Standing in a three-hour queue outside of the Sistine Chapel is no vacation.

Up to 25,000 people a day visit the Vatican City monument, but a Virtuoso advisor can arrange for you and your travel companions to have it all to yourself – some advisors have even set up private meetings with the pope.

Another crowd-free exclusive experience: mingle with royals in London. This one needs to carefully timed.

The good news is that there are many, many more members of the royal family than you think.

And if no one in the is available, how about something unique like tea or a tour Princess Diana's former stylist?

4. Channel your inner celebrity

Walk the red carpet at Cannes; attend exclusive film premieres on the beach, and sip cocktails with the stars.

Sing background vocals during a recording artist’s studio session; sit onstage during a Lady Gaga concert, or shuck fresh oysters in France with a Michelin-starred chef.

Remember, it’s all about who you know – and advisors who specialize in luxury travel have the right connections.

5. Charter a yacht

From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and beyond, the joys of a private yacht carter revolve around the freedom of setting your own itinerary.

Sail along the French Riviera on a masted schooner, hopping off for dinner at a Saint-Tropez beach club or watching the party from a distance with a chef-prepared meal on board.

If you’re not ready to commit to your own yacht, ask your advisor about the owner’s suites on Virtuoso cruise lines – the luxe accommodations often come with VIP perks such as a private car and driver in every port, priority access, dedicated butler and concierge service, and more.

"How does all this happen?" you ask. It starts with our first conversation during the planning session. It starts here:

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'til next week.


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