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Are You Traveling in 2023?

Another title for this article might be, "How not to be disappointed in 2023."

I remember way back when, during the days/months/years of the Pandemic That Shall Not Be Named, my weekly articles frequently contained news of the state of travel and the travel industry: updates, restrictions, travel hopes and dreams one might dare entertain, places you could go and not, what was needed to access remember, right?

I have not done that lately, and therefore it is time. Why? Because the travel pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, which is to say that compared to the barely perceptible dribble of available travel experiences, the faucet is now wide open. In fact, the faucet is a fire hydrant. If that didn't metaphor doesn't work for you, then recall what you've heard via the media, friends, perhaps your personal experience of incidents of chaos, exorbitant prices, lack of availability of rooms, rental cars, flights, staffing, etc., etc., etc. So here are my suggestions for you during this travel explosion:

First, a very important note - if you know you want to travel over spring break or this summer (March-August) planning MUST START NOW. Truth is, you're late. Really, your plans need to already in place, but let me hear what you have in mind before we write the idea off completely. Just so you know, availability is already low for summer travel. This is not a scare tactic - it’s an honest assessment of my research, it's my daily experience, and it's what I'm hearing from other agents. The earlier you book, the better the availability at resorts and on cruise ships.

Pricing for everything has gone up, including all things travel. What your $3,000 could buy a few years ago it will not buy now. Whatever you think it costs, double it, at least. If you want the best pricing and availability, book EARLY!! ”Deals” are harder to find now, so gambling with time to see if the price comes down may leave you with less-than-ideal options and/or increased pricing. Resorts are sold out, so why would they offer deals to attract clients? The best prices are available the earlier you book. Fortunately, if a price falls, I can usually get that adjusted for you.

The pricing and availability I pull for you won't be valid a week from now, and quite frequently, not even for two or three days. The best time for me to research your pricing is when you're ready to book.

This is the busiest season of the year for the industry. I’m so excited for all the vacations already planned, and all the clients trusting me with their dream vacations this year. Seeing happy faces on social media lets me know I did right by them. Keep posting! Don't be discouraged by what I've said here; my words are for your awareness. That said, let's get planning. Click the Start Planning button.

'til next week.


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Contact: GLOBAL EXOTIC ADVENTURES - Juliet Weller, Owner

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