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And Now for Something Completely Different...

My week has been completely different from what has become the usual, so I thought I'd shake yours up too. I'm off and running on my first out-of-the-house venture since...wait for it...February! As you know, that's not how I usually roll. I won't go into how many of my planned trips have fallen by the wayside in the last umpteen months (yes, all of them), because I'm guessing your life has been similarly upheaved. So for a change of pace, my communication for you this week is a survey! Yes, when I shake it up I go all out. Would you please do me a favor and take a few minutes to complete this? I promise it's a short one, and then you'll be on your way. Btw, it's anonymous, so don't hesitate to tell it like it is.

And just to give you the usual newsletter feel, I'll add a gorgeous photo of a beautiful location:

French Riviera

'til next week.


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